Rtr. PP Ruwanthi Soysa and the year Baila Night Won Silver

Rtr. PP Ruwanthi Soysa and the year Baila Night Won Silver

by Rtr. Amilindu Wijesinghe

Since its inception in 2010, the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts has come a long way. To be able to say that it has evolved from a member base of 24 to nearly 50 multi talented, active Rotaractors who hail from diverse backgrounds, representing the 4 corners of our island is no mean achievement. Looking back at the 10 years that had flown by, I noticed that each past President and his/her Committee had brought new flavours, new colours, new initiatives and fresh opinions to the table, making our club what it is today. This is what I call “evolution”.

On that introductory note, let’s see how our club had strengthened itself under the tenure of Rtr. Ruwanthi Soysa, who was our Past President for the year 2017-18. Her zealous leadership had guided the members with the continuation of the club’s signature projects such as Baila Night and Kuppiya. Perhaps its highest appreciation so far, Baila Night was awarded silver as the most outstanding “Rotaract Fellowship” Club Service project which clearly demonstrates the level of commitment and determination shown by the Rotaractors. The club was also recognized for hosting the 27th Rotaract District Assembly. As for its members, Rtr. Chaya Walpola received the Spirit of Service award while Rtr. Mufeena Maharoof was felicitated as the Rotaractor of the 4th quarter. We wanted to get the ideas of the mastermind behind these successes, for your personal development and the successful continuation of the club, with which she gracefully complied. 


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