Day: 26 March 2022

The Study Aesthetic

Watching StudyTube videos for both motivation and procrastination? If yes, join the club! For both those who love and hate to put their stationary to use outside class, StudyTube is the latest and rapidly growing corner of YouTube where many of our peers are turning for advice and motivation. On the outside, these creators appear to be benevolent, academically inclined and guiding their audience members through their education. However, beneath their perfectly crafted role model exterior, ‘StudyTubers’ are perpetuating pernicious ideas of obsessive productivity, including alarming content such as the ’15 Hour Study Day’ video, which could be devastating to students’ wellbeing. UnJaded Jade’, StudyTube’s golden girl uploaded a video titled, “hustle culture is quaking”, where she reveals her epiphany that there’s more…

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