Day: 9 May 2022

Let’s Talk Periods: Impacts Of Menstrual Products On The Environment

Menstruation being a part of life for around 1.9 billion girls and women, menstrual products are amongst the most vital personal care products in the world. During menstruation, menstrual management products are used for feminine hygiene. Were you aware that an individual utilizes approximately 11,000 disposable sanitary pads in a lifetime? Even though we see these menstrual products such as tampons and pantyliners to be small and insignificant things, it has a tremendous environmental impact. It can cause resource wastage, emission of greenhouse gases, contamination of soil and groundwater and many more. In detail, over 200,000 tons of waste are produced each year from sanitary pads, its packaging and individual wraps, which are mostly contained of plastic that require an…

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