Day: 24 June 2022

Interview: Anudi Karunaratne

A new Rotaract year is fast approaching, and there are several eager young faces waiting to join RotaractArts. For those that may not know you very well, could you please provide an introduction to yourself? Hello! I’m Anudi Karunaratne, a 2nd-year (soon to be 3rd!) undergraduate studying for an English Honors degree. Now, for a detailed introduction about me, I would recommend reading my introductory article “The ‘Cyber’ Experience”, but hey, to save you some time, I’ll summarize it for y’all, because I’m nice that way (insert evil laugh!). I’m one of the most (I kid you not) annoying people you’ll meet if you met me on a bad day. On a good day however, I’m friendly and helpful (or…

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