Enigma: The Illuminati

Enigma: The Illuminati

An odd feeling emerged in my mind as I started writing this article. But why? I guess what triggered me the most was the phrase “they are watching you” or descriptions that candidly supported the phrase, which was in almost every blog article I read and video I watched in reference to the Illuminati. Are they actually watching you (and me)? Well, let’s find out.

It is no secret that the Illuminati has been one of the contentious topics and tenacious conspiracy theories in the world. In a modern and plausible way, the Illuminati can be described as a mystery, an elite global cult or an organization that sways the thoughts and actions of humans through fully or partially unknown potency. However, the veritable and early Illuminati travel way back to the 18th century. Historically, the original Illuminati was known as the “Bavarian Illuminati” and was heavily shaped by the ideas of French philosophy and was inspired by the thoughts of enlightenment and philanthropy. Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a college law professor named Adam Weishaupt on 1st of May, 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. At the time, the Freemasons were the most influential fraternal organization in the world and Weishaupt intended to join it. He was unable to afford the Freemason admission fee and interestingly, it was the pivotal reason that fueled the idea of establishing a novel organization called Bavarian Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt’s secret society educated its members about religious obscurantism and superstition as well as oppressive practices of the government. It was formed against the beliefs of religion and state power and in favour of social reform, self-actualization and rational reasoning. The German illuminati order have performed distinct yet clearly undisclosed rituals. The most common totems of the organization were the owl of minerva and the eye of providence which is linked with not God but an enigmatic nature. Its members were initially referred to as the Perfectibilists and entrants were supposed to grant consent to be a member of the organization. Additionally, new recruits should be well equipped with wealth and should have an influential societal power and superior family background. It is believed that this society was inaugurated by only five men, nevertheless over the course of time rapidly grew up to three thousand members throughout several areas in the globe and predominantly in Europe. Eventually, members of concealed groups were persecuted and executed by the monarch with the persuasion of the Catholic church. The Bavarian Illuminati functioned almost a decade and ultimately terminated in 1785 after Karl Theodor, the Duke of Bavaria made it an offence to create, operate or to be a part of any form of secret society. 

Illuminati reception (19th century illustration)

Even in the 21st century, long after the obliteration of Bavarian Illuminati, people do believe in a clandestine entity that aims at constructing a new world order. Further, it is said by some that the early Illuminati prompted the French revolution (1789) even though the Bavarian authorities considered the Illuminati’s existence ended. Many are hung on to the idea that Weishaupt’s Illuminati never really dismantled. Howbeit, the contemporary concepts about the Illuminati vary with the elucidation of the original Bavarian Illuminati or have little to no similarities. According to widely accepted current theory about the Illuminati, it can be defined as an elite establishment and mystery cult that is severely guarded and secured from the outside world. The Illuminati is allegedly controlling universal geopolitical behaviour and indoctrinating humans in order to fabricate a single power congregation under an authoritarian government. This new world order is created through propagandization done by its members or in other words the influential and puissant public figures in the world. Almost every powerful individual under the spotlight is accused of being a member of this surreptitious network. Those prestigious and predominant characters are namely; world leaders, reformers, entrepreneurs, artists etc. The Illuminati is a dominant pillar in popular culture and has been represented by different symbols and marks in music videos, movies, shows, video games, mainstream books, political discourses and human gestures plus postures. Some of the notable symbols of this intrigued modern society are the pyramid, eye, light, eternal circle, crossed keys, obelisk, pendulum, ouroboros etc. it is opinionated that the illuminati is connected with mysterious and bizarre establishments such as Reptilians, Discordianism and Satanism. Moreover, this secretive cult is rumored to be associated with complex and chaotic historical events. The assassination of Kennedy, the death of Whitney Houston, the 9/11 attack, the viral ice bucket challenge and rapid growth in the popularity of fidget spinners are some of those major events. Nonetheless, the official website of the Illuminati has mentioned and I cite – “The Illuminati’s purpose is to secure the ongoing survival of the human species.” 

Hence, it is hardly easy to distinguish the truth from the myth about the Illuminati. Some groups resolutely believe in the existence of this mystery organization while others entirely debunk it.  Lastly, I prefer to leave it to you to generate your own conclusion for the remaining question “whether the illuminati is real or fake?” 

– Rtr Samadhi Randeni

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