Eternal Whispers

Eternal Whispers

As unsettling sensations create rippling shivers from within,
Winds and landscapes call my name in haunting whispers.
My gut clenches with unease, and longing engulfs my being,
As the inner voice screams for me to run beyond what I see.

The embrace of a familiar warmth is in the way of destiny,
Blocking the unknown darkness that sing songs of seduction.
The promise of adventures and a life of riddles, lure me in
To a vast expanse of nothing but footsteps of lonely souls.

As my imagination treks on the outskirts of the wasteland,
Lullabies that sing of sweet nothings promise me the world.
They travel my mind and take hostage of my dulled senses,
Voices of reason call me back from a love that will never fade.

As reality gets closer, I know that you will always be waiting,
Your sweet melody unfaltering, in the place where I will return.
That one day the voices of reason will fade into the background,
Unable to reach as I become a willing victim to the ruthless abyss

– Rtr. Yeshani Fernando (@Caffeine_n_Stokes)

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