Interview: Sulakshi Amarasinghe

Interview: Sulakshi Amarasinghe

While Sulakshi Amarasinghe is known to all of us here at RotaractArts as the kind-hearted and caring mother figure of the club who strives to keep all its members glued together, for the people that may not be necessarily familiar with you, could you please provide an introduction of yourself?

Hello, everyone! I’m Sulakshi Amarasinghe, the Club Service Director for the year 2021/22. I’m currently pursuing an Honours Degree in International Relations. I’m known for my love for art and craft, aesthetically pleasing stuff, and for being a veteran fan of K Pop and K Dramas. And also for being too picky with different shades of colours!

We believe that a club carrying out its designated tasks and activities is important; however, keeping its members bound together both mentally and in spirit is equally as important. Do you agree? If so, what are your thoughts on this mentality?

Yes. I feel that in order for a club to function properly, its members must have a strong desire to attain the club’s goals. They won’t be able to achieve these objectives on their own; they’ll need to work together. To have this desire collectively, the members should have a strong bond with one another, both mentally and in spirit. The stronger the bond, the better the outcomes and success.

The Club Service Avenue has been very productive this year! Which projects would you say were the most fun and the most challenging to do?

I would say “Sandwiches and Skittles” was the most fun! It was the 1st time that our new members got the chance to interact with each other. All of them were very excited and I believe all of us had a great time. When it comes to the most challenging project, other than the installation ceremony (*smiles in pain*), I’d say it was “Seoul2Tokyo”, because we had to go through some unforeseen circumstances. But in spite of all our obstacles, it concluded very successfully.

Considering that keeping club members’ spirits high is one of your responsibilities to the club (no pressure!), are you proud of the comradery and the countless bonds that have been created within the club?

Even with the limitations of doing projects virtually, I think I was able to strengthen the fellowship among the members through the initiatives conducted by the Club Service Avenue. So, yes, I would say that I am indeed proud!

Are you content with what you were able to achieve with your team this year? Are there any areas you wish you could have improved upon but just didn’t have the time or resources for?

Yes, I’m quite content. But I did have more projects planned, which we couldn’t pursue since we weren’t able to organize physical events. Unfortunately, we were not able to go on the club trip this year, and it was also not possible to hold Baila Night, our signature Club Service project due to the pandemic. We were likewise pressed for time. So it was difficult to complete all the projects we that we initially planned during the beginning of the year. It would have been wonderful if we had the chance to do more projects that showcased the talents of the members but alas, we had to come to terms with reality and the many challenges that came with it.

We finally know of the name of your successor! Rtr. Hasanjalee Adikari seems to be gearing up to take on the role after you step down in a couple of weeks. Is there anything that you would like to say to her or some wisdom that you would like to pass down as the outgoing Director of the Club Service Avenue?

In the coming year, I’m confident Rtr. Hasanjalee will do a fantastic job navigating the Club Service Avenue. I hope she comes up with many more novel ideas to enhance the fellowship among club members and fellow Rotaractors. I wish her all the best and will always be there to lend a hand whenever she may need my help.

The Club Service Avenue has done a great many things during these last few years of RotaractArts. What would like to see the Club Service Avenue do more of and focus its attention on in the future?

Considering the state of the world during both the previous and current year, the pandemic and the country’s situation made it difficult to hold our projects physically. Hopefully, physical projects will be doable in the coming year. I hope that the avenue will focus more on initiatives that will boost members’ creativity as well as projects that will allow members to interact more with Rotaractors from other clubs.

– Interview conducted by Rtr. Vibhath Jayasinghe & Rtr. Janidu Wijebandara

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