Month In Review: June

Month In Review: June

Hello everyone!

Here we are then. Twelve whole months later. This month’s ‘Month in Review’ is quite special as this will be the final one for the current Rotaract year (damn, who on earth is cutting all these onions around here?). In a few days’ time, the reins of the club will soon be passed over to a new bunch of enthusiasts who are as equally passionate about Rotaract and just as talented. However, till such time, join us as we take one last trip down memory lane.

June was both a quiet and busy month for us here at Rotaract Arts. Quiet because there were no projects to complete as June serves as a transition month from one Rotaract Board to another, and busy because both the current and upcoming board were busy wrapping up the current year and getting ready to start the new year respectively.

Annual Report 2021/22

While June started out with our end-semester exams, most of us didn’t really get the chance to relax upon their conclusion as the deadline for our annual report kept constantly ringing in our ears. Most of our Board members thus, were hard at work compiling our annual report for a good portion of the month. Those tables, charts, and descriptions weren’t going to fill themselves! We can confirm that we all needed a breather after finally completing that feat!

Rotaract Arts Executive Board for 2022/2023

As we near the finish line of what is another remarkable year for Rotaract Arts, we are very excited (and in relief) to know that we’ll be passing the torch in both safeguarding and leading our club to a bunch of beautiful human beings who are so incredibly capable.

As such, we’d like to formally announce the upcoming Executive Committee for Rotaract Arts for the year 2022/23. Say hello to all these beautiful and talented souls!

  • President – Rtr. Gethmi Adikari
  • Co-Vice President – Rtr. Kavindi Gunawardene 
  • Co-Vice President – Rtr. Yohan Soyza
  • Secretary – Rtr. Tharushika Peelikumbura
  • Co-Vice-Secretary – Rtr. Heshani Dharmapala
  • Co-Vice-Secretary – Rtr. Udani Jayalath
  • Treasurer – Rtr. Dinithi Athulathmudali
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Shihara Ferdinando
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Tharini Ratwatte
  • Sergeant-at-arms – Rtr. Ranmali Fernando
  • Club Service Director – Rtr. Hasanjalee Adikari
  • Community Service Director – Rtr.  Buddhimali Parindya
  • International Service Director – Rtr. Anjalee Wanduragala
  • Professional Development Director – Rtr. Sarasi Neranjana
  • Public Relations – Rtr. Sandanilu Amithabandu
  • IT Director – Rtr. Oshini Hewawaduge
  • Co-Membership Development Director – Rtr. Yasal Samarajeewa
  • Co-Membership Development Director – Rtr. Anuruddhika Nethsarani

The Board of 2022/23 Holds Their First Meeting

The incoming Board of the Rotaract Year of 2022/23 held their first meeting on the 19th of June going over potential workflows for the upcoming Rotaract year. The meeting was held simultaneously both physically and virtually. Those that were in and around Colombo gathered at our President-Elect’s humble abode, while those that found it difficult to make it attended the meeting via Zoom.

The incoming Board spent a good portion of the day going over:

  • What Rotaract is and what it represents
  • Potential project ideas for the year
  • The year’s required citations
  • Known deadlines for certain requirements
  • Freaking out over the abovementioned deadlines (hehe)
  • Gossip (yes, tea was very much spilled. Shush though! Can’t give away all our secrets now, can we?)

We hear that it was a productive meeting (both in terms of mapping out the incoming Rotaract year and sharing some much-needed laughs).

The Editorial of 2022/23 Meets

The Co-Editor Elects held their introductory meeting with the members of the Editorial for the Rotaract year 2022/23 on the 22nd of June. This meeting served as a detailed introduction to the Editorial and our Blog.

Co-Editor Elects Rtr. Shihara Ferdinando and Rtr. Tharini Ratwatte used the meeting to convey the following (among other things) to the Editorial members,

  • The publishing days for the year
  • Article writing and submission process
  • Potential projects ideas
  • Accepted forms of creative content
  • Approach to inclusivity
  • Addressing feedback and constructive criticism

The detailed specifics of the aforementioned areas will be made available for everyone to read and familiarize themselves through the Blog at a later date once the coming Rotaract year rolls around.

That brings us to the end of this month’s ‘Month in Review’ and what a ride it has been! Thank you to everyone that has followed our journey closely for the past year. We are thankful and grateful for your time. We hope that we have done right by Rotaract and by our club’s own history. We wish the incoming Board of 2022/23 all the very best! We are confident that you will take the club to even greater heights.

– The Editorial

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