Rtr. PP Charya and the Exploration of New Horizons

Rtr. PP Charya and the Exploration of New Horizons

by Rtr. Vidura Rodrigo

History is the foundation based on which we shape our present and future. Examples set by the ones who came before us encourage their latter generations to do just as well or even better. Thus, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the club we have been looking at its history and legacy left behind by its former presidents. Since its inception in 2010, the club has been blessed enough to be led under a number of club presidents whose guidance and leadership has helped their fellow club members and their successors to gain wholesome experiences out of their Rotaract carrier. fourth

In 2015 Rtr. PP Charya Gamalath took over the driving seat as the president of the club and went ahead with such an exciting, eventful year. Her notion of the life of an undergraduate struck me as a means of managing equilibrium between academic work and social life which is exactly the reason why she joined the club in the first place. As a first year, she was all set for the challenging roller-coaster ride she was about start and was keen enough to explore the student life and various other community and social work. According to her the very experiences she gained at Rotaract helped her make the university life a memorable one.

She was an excellent task master as she was appointed as the president of a student associatiosecondn in the university as well as a team leader in AIESEC whose responsibility it was to make sure everything was in smooth control and that everyone was having good, productive time. Hats off to Charya for being able to successfully last an impression of multitasking whilst keeping in pace with her studies which isixths exactly the kind of balance every undergraduate strive to work towards.

Her priority to engage in ‘’a lot of community services whilst ensuring that the members develop their skills’’ has influenced her to successfully hold various projects and events during her tenure including DebateMate, Baila Night, Inter-Rotaract Basketball Tournament and signature community services such as ‘’Hope through Health’’ and ‘’Espoir’’. Her initiation towards community service and social work manifest good understanding of what it means to be a responsible undergraduate and the ways in which they can positively contribute to the social phenomena.third

Moreover, she believes in quality over quantity when it comes to the number of members vs the success of an event organized by the club. She values genuine commitment and interest of the members to engage in the events as the best outcome is met with both passion and dedication. Thus the maximum capacity and productivity of a teamwork can be gained and work won’t be felt like work as long as everyone is having fun in the process.fifth

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