Rtr. PP Sandhuni and the Year Baila Night Started

Rtr. PP Sandhuni and the Year Baila Night Started

by Rtr. Shenara De Alwis 

“That is what I envisioned, to give my best and pay my dues”, says Rtr. PP Sanduni Warnasuriya who is now an Assistant Brand Manager at Ceylinco Life. Ever since the first day she entered the University of Colombo, she had known it from her heart that she would always serve the society who financed both her primary and tertiary education. She adds that it is what she strives to do even today. 

As an undergraduate, she had participated in sports and sport events. In fact, she had captained the university’s Table Tennis team during her final year (no clue how she managed to do it; I struggle even to write one article per week😐). 

She had always wanted to live life to the fullest. After being appointed as the president of the Rotaract Club of UoC FoA, she had begun to discover herself in new ways. Despite the new responsibilities she had had to undertake, she had never once failed to make new friends (note to self: never over-work; life’s too short for that).

She says that in order for the club to reach its maximum potential, its members must come up with novel ideas and initiate unique projects. The point is to come out of our comfort zones – to break free like butterflies from their cocoons. We need to take calculated risks in order to do the impossible. It is then that we will be content with our lives, knowing that we did what we once thought was impossible. Take note, dear reader, she is not like the hypocritical politician we are all well familiar with; she most certainly walks the talk. It is during her year as president that the club’s signature Club Service project (Baila Night!) was initiated. She could have given into the thought that it was impossible for state university students to hold such an event. But as you well know (if you don’t, that tells me you have never been to one so do come this year!) this event has been a success every year. Rtr. PP Sanduni adds that she is grateful for being given the opportunity to lead the club and help make the club reach its maximum potential.

p.s. she does admit that she did not quite like book-keeping and report-writing and would like it said that she is forever thankful to have had the club’s former secretary, Rtr. Madhavi who handled them all meticulously. 

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