Tag: Feminism

“ඊයා! ගෑණු ළමයෙක් වගේ” – A Look into What is so ‘Degrading’ about being Feminine

I bet you've heard this phrase at least once in your life being said to a boy when he fails to do something or does something out of the norm. I was pretty intrigued to find out what was so insulting about being feminine that appearing as so has become a frequently used insult in our discourse. The phrase is often used when a boy doesn't live up to the social perception of masculinity and is suggestive of cowardliness and fragility. I wanted to examine the larger social implications of this 'harmless joke' in different perspectives and discuss why we as a society should not degrade someone at the expense of another, or perhaps, not degrade anyone at all!  In the…

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