The Colorless Rainbow

The Colorless Rainbow

The rain seized, after a loud and loathing downpour,
The heavy grey clouds drifted apart slowly as a snail.
Light sun rays touched the dusty windows in glamour.
In a dark room, sleeps sluggishly a boy with a ponytail,
Clinging to pinkish blanket and dressed in girly clothes.
In a far-away lonely street, lags behind a sporty girl,
And walks behind her some boys calling rude names.
A slim boy walks past, as doors beside close and whirl.

Eyes pop-up, murmurs begin as two men hold hands,
In an ‘available for all’ bus seat and embrace in love.
A person lost in sex is frowned upon by some doctors,
He is hopeless in front of lawyers feeling aggressive.
Two girly mammas and dadas get blamed at work,
Sans any compassion, like some threatening thieves.
The boy in bed rolls to the other side and sleeps in dark,
As the rainbow he was waiting for is not in his view.

Lesbian, gay, trans, and queer, they all are fine,
My dear pal, there is no need to hide behind the sheets.
We all bleed the same, and what is different isn’t mean,
It is what makes you feel pride in all frustrating times.
Get up my buddy and throw away your covering shields.
The world needs a rainbow with seven sparking colors,
You my dear, has the glistening and glimmering buckets,
To rainbow-wash every dark window and pair of glasses.

– Rtr Ashmini Karunarathne

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