The Cyber Experience

The Cyber Experience

Never did I imagine myself ever writing this article. Well, you guys are in luck! Because for the upcoming approximate 11 months and whatever days you will get to witness the full “Cyber” experience! Just to clear it up, “Cyber” was my nickname back in school. Some people still call me by it. While I am happy to detail what the “Cyber” experience entails, I believe that some more important things will precede that section. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Now, as we all know, Methmini Akki and Dewni Akki did a fantastic job leading the club through some really unexpected times and what a rollercoaster it was! From community service initiatives such as “Punchi Ape Naththal” to initiatives like “Forward to The Past” and “Fandom Fight Club”, our Club really had some fun times. All of this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the outgoing board headed by both Methmini Akki and Dewni Akki. A big thank you to you all and I hope the incoming board and I can make y’all half as amazed as you did us.

When I was first informed of my imminent position as President elect of Rotaract Arts, I admit I was overwhelmed. Dulari was outright nervous, calling me up in a right state of frenzy. Between then and now, I think I’ve really grown as a person and as a leader. This doesn’t mean that my nervous rambling will stop or that I won’t message Methmini Akki at unholy hours in the night to rant or to ask for advice. Apologies in advance! *Puppy dog eyes*

Going back to the “Cyber” Experience, think of it as a year where you will get to know every single member of BTS pretty well (Especially if you all meet me physically and we are together for an extended period of time), Random facts about Japan or Korea, endless amounts of K-Drama or anime references and enthusiastic ramblings about my dearest OTPs ever (OTP is basically like couple pairings – fiction mostly), Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian along with Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger (Don’t tell me they weren’t canon. In my world, they were). If you think you are able to withstand it, we are going to be the best of friends! Otherwise, I’m really sorry (not really).

Going back to the new Rotaract year, I really have my work cut out for me to be the President after such an amazing tenure headed by Methmini Akki. But still, the essence of the Club is the same – we welcome everyone and anyone to do things they are passionate about. Rotaract is a place where you get what you give. So, I hope that all the members get something out of Rotaract as well. To get the best value out of being in an organization like this, one should be involved. Be proactive and be passionate. If our members aren’t passionate about our projects, who is? I for one believe in being passionate about what you are doing and the ability to think and act based on the awareness of different people’s experiences or needs and wants. With this in mind, I am happy to announce that the incoming board decided on “Leading with Empathy and Spirit” as the motto for the Rotaract year 2021/2022. The Board who will be undertaking the task of working under, and personifying this motto is,

  • President (Yours truly) – Rtr. Anudi Karunaratne
  • Co-Vice President – Rtr. Sandali Rupasinghe
  • Co-Vice President – Rtr. Samadhi Randeni
  • Secretary – Rtr. Dulari Bookoladeniya
  • Junior Treasurer – Rtr. Muminah Hakeem
  • Sergeant – at – Arms – Rtr. Leesha Rathnayake
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Janidu Wijebandara
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Vibhath Jayasinghe
  • Assistant Secretary – Rtr. Githmi Koralage
  • Community Service Director – Rtr. Sithmi Edirisinghe
  • Club Service Director – Rtr. Sulakshi Amarasinghe
  • International Service Director – Rtr. Hansy Paboda
  • Professional Development Director – Rtr. Sayuri Mohotti
  • IT Coordinator – Rtr. Madhurya Manoj
  • PR Director – Rtr. Kalani Apsara
  • Member Representative – Rtr. Yasal Samarajeewa
  • Member Representative – Rtr. Udani Jayalath

When I first understood the magnitude of my position, I was overwhelmed. But I know that with the talented individuals in the incoming board, I don’t have anything to worry about. All the senior and junior members of the club along with anyone else reading this article, keep your eyes on Rotaract Arts as we are here to rock this year! You heard it here first folks!

Your nervous but passionate President,

Rtr. Anudi Karunaratne

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Nisara Wickramasinghe

Congratulations Cyber!! Truly excited to see the cyber-side of you leading the club along with Nico 😉 Lots of love.

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