Meet The Board

Jehan, the President of our club, follows the IT study stream. So why did Jehan join Rotaract? It was all about the quest for leadership excellence! He recognized the opportunity to enhance his leadership skills and jumped onboard the Rotaract adventure. When he’s not immersed in IT projects or leading our club, his passion for traveling keeps him busy. And here’s a little secret not many know: Jehan can dance like nobody’s watching! As for his exciting plans in Rotaract, Jehan’s response is simple but full of enthusiasm: “All projects are interesting to me!” Join him on this wild and unexpected Rotaract adventure, where every moment is a dance floor and every project is an exciting opportunity waiting to be explored!

The absolute powerhouse, Gethmi, our immediate past president is a true icon! She majors in International Relations complementing it with Sociology and English. She did a fantastic job as the president last year and continues to be a guiding light for us as we figure our duties! She is also the Co- director of Sports and Recreation avenue of the Rotaract District Steering Committee which explains why she is a pro at rowing and is leading the uni team this year! She is also a tiktok star, whether it be her dances or her vlogs. As for her special talents, we must note how she juggles all things while being a star academic, social butterfly and fashion icon! We are rather delighted we have her guidance throughout!

Induwara is pursuing an honors degree in International Relations, and his decision to join Rotaract was driven by a thirst for personal and leadership development. He recognized that Rotaract offers a global platform for young adults to hone their leadership skills, engage in community service, and build lasting friendships. When he’s not busy with countless projects and academics, you’ll find him hitting the gym and sculpting his physique through bodybuilding—he’s a true fitness fanatic! Induwara also enjoys going on road trips, freelancing, and stargazing, and in true International Relations undergrad fashion, he has a keen eye for global affairs. But wait, there’s more to Induwara than meets the eye! He’s got hidden talents up his sleeve: acting and modeling. Who would have guessed? And as for his exciting plans in Rotaract this year, Induwara is gearing up for the Sports Avenue projects.

Meet Hiruni, our beloved vice president! She follows a study stream in Chinese complementing it with Economics and International Relations. She joined Rotaract to follow her passion to volunteer and help better the society! When she is off her duties for Rotaract and studies, she fancies the thrills: she loves watching horror movies and travelling. We were curious to know what her special talents were and she did not disappoint! She loves food and claims to be able to eat anything at any time, which goes hand in hand with her love to try new cuisines at leisure! We would also like to give a shout-out to her star performances in dramas! As for her goals for our year, she wants to make our year the best Rotaract year in our club and we wouldn’t be surprised if she does!!

Get ready to meet Baagya (affectionately known as Bagiiii by many) is the heart and soul of our club, playing a pivotal role in running it smoothly! An International Relations honors undergraduate with Sociology, Communication, and Creative Arts complementing her studies, she is a multitasker who never buckles under pressure (very admirable!). Why did she join Rotaract, you ask? Her story is a pandemic-inspired adventure. She was searching for a good reason to be at university, and boy, did she find it! Rotaract became her haven for connection and friendship. In fact, many of her closest friends today are the ones she met through Rotaract. Her mission? To improve her social skills and develop new ones, and she’s acing it with flying colors! When she’s not busy being the driving force behind our Rotaract club, Baagya enjoys spending quality time with friends, grooving to the beats of her favorite tunes, and indulging in culinary adventures by trying new foods.

Introducing our beauty queen, Lihini who majors in English, complementing it with International Relations and Communication and Creative Arts! She joined Rotaract Arts to make memories and live the best Uni life! In true English Major style, she loves reading books in her free time (not like her degree requires all the reading there is🤭) and watching movies. Now Lihini has some interesting skills, she claims to eat a lot even though you might find it quite hard to believe if you see her! She is also an excellent singer (which we found out about quite recently) and is an outstanding announcer, her voice truly is honey in your ears. As for her plans for this year, very much like Lihini, they are also organised and ambitious! She wants to organise one event very well to bring back awards to our club! We wish her the very best of luck!

Introducing Nirodha, a second-year undergraduate following a Sociology honors degree. Her Rotaract journey is a delightful tale of discovery. In her first year, she stumbled upon Rotaract and decided to dive right in because, well, who doesn’t want to make new friends, take on exciting challenges, and collect precious memories? When she’s not busy with a myriad of tasks, Nirodha is a certified “sindu pissa” who can groove to music all day long. She also loves watching YouTube videos and movies and taking solo walks. And speaking of interests, she’s got her eyes set on Bollywood and dreams of traveling to India to explore its film industry. But wait, there’s more! She might claim to lack “fun skills,” but her ability to manage anyone and respond to everything with a smile is a skill of its own! No wonder everyone calls her “innocent Nirodha”! Ready to hear a spicy secret about her? When stress hits, she turns to spicy meals to spice up her life! For her future plans in Rotaract, she is all about excellence.

Meet Dhanuji aka Jiiii, our Treasurer who very conveniently majors in Economics while studying International Relations and Demography on the side. Her love for volunteering drove her towards Rotaract! She loves hiking (if you know her well, this makes all the sense) and watching movies! Now, what is her secret talent you ask? she is a pro at arguing and we can confirm, the whole board is well aware of the consequences of messing with her🫣 She is also a star on the ground with her life-long love for Netball. We would also like to mention her commitment to anything she does, she is the true embodiment of an efficient, determined and up-front person. In true economist style, she hopes to make our club financially stable, and we have all the faith in her to say she will succeed!

Abheetha isn’t your average undergrad, while majoring in International Relations he is a fantastic photographer and weight-lifter! He joined Rotaract to enhance his university experience and make good friends, and now he serves as our Sergeant at Arms and a co-director of the Professional Development avenue (we feel obliged to add that he’s done an amazing job at both so far) When he is free, he likes to unwind by watching movies and capturing life moments, we have received intel to confirm that he is in fact a true fan of Malayalam movies! As for his special talents… he was too humble to let us know but we must mention his dancing skills for which we will give a solid 10/10! Well his plans for the year are rather interesting, he looks forward to the Writing Clinic which is an initiative of the Professional Development Avenue!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the unstoppable force of nature that is Sajani—our amazing co-editor!
Sajani follows an honours degree in International Relations with English and Sociology complementing it. Now why did she join Rotaract, you ask? She joined to write for our blog, and let us tell you, she did not disappoint! Sajani is the queen of nice; she’s known for her kindness, her strict yet caring demeanor, and her unwavering sense of responsibility. She’s your go-to person if you need something done right. She’s a perfectionist to the core, and it shows in everything she does.
Now, let’s talk about her quirks! Sajani has an aloe vera juice addiction, and she’s been known to pull empty bottles from her bag like it’s a magic trick (we are not even kidding)!
In her free time, Sajani unwinds by watching comedy shows like 2 Broke Girls, but don’t let that fool you. She’s got a no-nonsense attitude and a deadpan look that can shut down stupidity in an instant.

A hopeless romantic all her life, staring at Pinterest all the time, she wishes she could watch movies for a living! Meet Kusali… our lovely co-editor who majors in International Relations studying English and Media to complement it. Kusali joined Rotaract to flaunt her exceptional writing skills and make friends (she’s managed to achieve both her goals we suppose) Kusali is a massive movie buff, to the point that we came up with a theory that she doesn’t hang around at uni as much because she’s cutting down on socialising to watch more movies! (we are not joking, she’s seen them all) Now, hold on to your seats as we let you in on the million things Kusali excels at: to start off, you will never see her in anything other than a very well put together outfit coupled with the prettiest earrings, she never misses when she makes playlists, and on Canva, she’s the real pro, but don’t let any of this take away from her being one of the kindest and most understanding people you will ever come across!

Savini is our social butterfly which makes her the perfect candidate for her position! She even joined Rotaract just so she could make new friends (and volunteer of course!) She majors in political science and studies International Relations and Media to complement it. Now get ready for the real spectacle! she has so many hobbies from singing, dancing, playing instruments, dubbing, announcing, going out with friends, playing table tennis, to trying out new fashion trends (yes, she’s everyone’s dream bestie!) We wanted to know what her special talents were and she did NOT disappoint. She’s pretty slim but she claims to be able to always be hungry, she is also an expert at drunk dancing (while being sober) and she never misses the opportunity to take a good picture! We feel obliged to add another here and that would be her expertise in handling social media as a pro! Her vision for our club this year is simple and ambitious, she wants to make our club the best!

Get ready to meet Hasini, a second-year undergraduate following an International Relations honors degree. Hasini is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, always ready to greet anyone with a smile! Her Rotaract journey started with a simple yet profound goal: to enhance her leadership skills while making a positive impact on the community. When she’s not immersed in the world of international relations and all things Rotaract, you can catch Hasini living life to the fullest! She’s an avid fan of Malayalam movies, proving that her interests have no boundaries. And let’s not forget her superhuman ability to snooze all day without breaking a sweat—she’s the undisputed nap champion!
But here’s where the fun really kicks in: She is one of the most adventurous people we know! She’s a thrill-seeker who’s no stranger to skydiving, white-water rafting, and diving headfirst into exciting experiences!
Now, here’s a unique twist: Hasini admits to having an uncanny ability to get upset easily. It’s all part of her pas

Say hello to Manthini, a Sociology honors undergraduate who found her way to Rotaract because of her genuine curiosity! She says she wanted to uncover the inner workings of our organization, and the influence of her friends from various faculties and universities sealed the deal! When she’s not diving deep into sociology theories, her heart belongs to the animal kingdom. She’s a true fur baby enthusiast, spending quality time with dogs and cats, and her love for them knows no bounds. Now, about that secret talent of hers… Manthini’s still on the hunt for it! However, she humorously admits to her exceptional ability to sleep for days—a skill many of us wish we could master! Manthini has a lot of exciting plans up her sleeve for this Rotaract year. Brace yourselves, because she’s got a lineup of incredible community service projects ready to make a positive impact. We say she’s ready to make a real impact on the world!

Amandi is a Communication and Creative Arts major studying Demography and Geography on the side. She joined Rotaract owing to her passion to really explore the university life and live it to her best. When she’s free from the madness of studying and volunteering she volunteers to join the cricket madness (very Amandi if you know her) We know we have revealed some interesting talents of our board but this tops the list! she is a master at voice impressions and can change her tone as she sees fit! Her vision for the year up and coming is our treasurer’s dream come true! Amandi wants to launch a show featuring fellow Rotaractors to collect funds!

We say Sandamini’s academic journey is as diverse as her personality, with a primary focus on Economics but also studying ICT and Chinese on the side. Why did she join Rotaract, you ask? Well, because she loves social work and the joy of connecting with people (she really is one of the most social people we know!). When she’s not busy with her academics and Rotaract work, you’ll find her unleashing her inner diva on the dance floor, singing on top of her voice, or getting lost in a good book! Her secret talent? She’s an undiscovered acting prodigy! As for her future plans for Rotaract, she is all about championing and empowering women by making an impact on women’s health and hygiene with her cloth sanitary napkins project. With her passion and determination, we are sure she’ll successfully embark on this meaningful service.

Thusini is what we would call a tiny bundle of absolute joy! She does a study stream in English alongside International Relations and Economics. She had high hopes joining Rotaract as she wanted to meet a wider community and help better the society! In her free time she likes to let her creativity fly by drawing and watching movies (which we presume is why it’s almost impossible to find Thusini online) Now, any introduction to Thusini is not complete without this very vital detail, she is ALWAYS late! Thusini showing up on time is a true miracle for us all! She claims to have another special talent and we couldn’t agree more! she can talk and talk and talk and not get tired, if we are to add something here, we would say we love listening to her endless tales! Remember how she joined Rotaract for the community? well her plans for this year very much reflect this notion: she wants to do a project on world sight (very in-character) and help kids in pre-schools improve their literacy

Ranosha follows the Peace and Conflict study stream with Economics and Sociology on the side, making her a true advocate for positive change. Her Rotaract journey began with her desire for fellowship and embarking on fascinating projects with her friends. Her genuine love for camaraderie and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people really ignited her passion for working tirelessly for the International Service Avenue.
In her downtime, you’ll find her enjoying Barbie movies, finding joy in these whimsical tales. She’s also a passionate dancer who never misses a chance to dance in front of a mirror! But here’s the secret that few know about Ranosha: she can fall asleep quickly wherever she goes, making her the ultimate power napper! As for her exciting plans for Rotaract, her heart is set on collaboration. She’s eager to make connections and partnerships with international Rotaract clubs to work collectively for social change.

Raziya is not just your average economics major; she is behind all the posts and videos you see on our social media accounts! She joined Rotaract for the adventure, but it was the incredible experiences here that made her choose us for her entire university journey. When she’s not busy being an economics whiz or making content for Rotaract, you can find her on her bed, binge-watching movies and series of any genre. Fun fact about Raziya: she can finish 16–25 episodes in one day (the ultimate series marathon champion, we say!) Raziya’s got big plans for Rotaract, particularly for two exciting projects: “Graphicsmith,” a creative workshop series, and “Creative Hive,” a thrilling video-making competition.

Sayuri is an English major who joined Rotaract Arts because she wanted to write to the Editorial (and we must say she did and continues to do fabulous work there!) When she is done exhausting herself with all the reading required for her English degree, she (understandably) sleeps and watches everything from K-dramas to Periodic dramas, with her latest favourite being Anne with an E! She has a special talent, she can sleep anywhere anytime regardless, as we know this has included busses, lectures and her going to lectures at the NAT just so she can sleep!! Her vision for PR is simple but timely and clever, she wants to help our fellow undergrads learn how to use social media effectively!

Harshi is a Media and Creative Arts Major who herself has no idea why she joined Rotaract Arts (but we are so happy she is here!) She likes to exercise her creativity by way of singing her stress, worries and doubts away! She claims her special talent to be singing, and we concur! But, we would like to add another, if anyone asks who has the most bomb hair in the Board, we would easily give it to Harshi! As for our Rotaract year, she seems most excited for O’Santa and we promise she won’t disappoint!

Charitha is a second-year undergraduate and is currently pursuing an honors degree in International Relations.  The very reason he joined Rotaract is because he is a dedicated advocate for social work. He really looks forward to making a change through our Rotaract club! That’s not all about Charitha! He has a keen interest in world affairs (which, of course, is expected of an International Relations student) and is sure to know everything that is happening around him. His passions are journalism and cinema. Charitha also has a talent for singing and dancing! Maybe that’s why he is looking forward to organizing the second season of “Ambalame Thaala,” which is sure to bring all of us a lot of fun!

Lochana Pamudi is a second-year undergraduate and is currently pursuing an honors degree in geography. Alongside her academic pursuits, she is very passionate about volunteer work, which is why she joined Rotaract in the first place! In her free time, she plays the violin, enjoys swimming, and is always up for curling up with a good romance novel. But here’s where she really shines: sewing! She’s a fashion guru in the making, with her sewing almost all her dresses!
Her vision for Rotaract is to give back to her community, especially through the upcoming projects “සොබාරූ, සිඳුනාර”  (stay tuned for updates!) and a coastal cleanup!

Buddhi Munasinghe is a second year undergraduate who follows a Sociology major complimenting it with Communication and Creative Arts and International Relations on the side. She joined Rotaract strictly for entertainment purposes although she is now providing valuable service to the environment (very in-character for these sociology people!) She sings and draws the stress away. We do have some classified information about her we’ll let you all in on, she dances the night away! Moving on to her vision for Rotaract this year, she wants to give back to society, by way of planting as many trees as she can and helping school kids!