Meet The Board

When we think of strength, resilience, and uncontested leadership, a person we hold quite dear comes to mind. One whose love and passion for the things she commits to radiates to all those around her. Equipped with a strong vision, fair judgement, and a wonderful sense of humour, she leads with grace and precision. So, for one so beautifully composed and well prepared, we find it very fascinating that her only one true weakness lies in her inability to take in and process compliments directed at her. You know her, she’s bold, she’s resilient and above all, she has been our rock during the last Rotaract Year. Ladies and gentlemen, our Immediate Past President for the Rotaract Year 2021/22, Rotaractor Methmini Kariyakarawana.

Sometimes when we harbour ambitious goals for ourselves, it takes more than one person to help out in shaping and carrying out the established vision. In this regard, this year we see the emergence of not one but two individuals to assist in realising these goals we’ve set for ourselves. Each one brings different talents to the table. One of them stands for integrity and unity. One whose perseverance and unwavering dedication remind us all of the importance of living up to the responsibilities that have been entrusted to us. It is her razor-sharp focus coupled with her strong determination that makes the leadership she exhibits so powerful and refreshing. Say hello to our Co-Vice President for the Rotaract Year of 2021/22, Rotaractor Samadhi Randeni.

The flip-side of this coin is a kandy lamissi that continues to surprise us all with her many talents. Her charitable disposition, simmering optimism, and her knack for entrepreneurship continues to push us all towards trying new avenues and bettering ourselves. An absolute joy to be around, ladies and gentlemen, your Co-Vice President for the year 2021/22 – Rotaractor Sandali Rupasinghe.

She is the epitome of patience. Following up with a bunch of busy and preoccupied Rotaractors, and carefully choreographing the many aspects of the club 24/7 can be exhausting. But this jovial lady with her resilience and endless charm manages to get the job done every single time, and she makes it look effortless. Constantly wading out of her comfort zone, she manages to fulfill her responsibilities, and at times, even those of others which makes her the ideal secretary of the club. Ladies and gentlemen, your secretary for the year 2021/22 – Dulari Bookoladeniya.

Her delightful aura will always put a smile on your face. While often quiet and reserved when looked at from afar, we can confirm that that observation couldn’t be further from the truth. Neither one of us would deny that she has our secretary’s back whatever the circumstance is. This brave soul does not hesitate to enter the most perilous journey for the betterment of the organization, It’s her that we all can rely upon for any and all emergencies, It’s none other than our Assistant Secretary for the year 2021/2022 – Githmi Koralage.

Directing the development of the club with her unwavering leadership qualities and her strategic mindset has helped the organization climb the highest of mountains. Not forgetting to mention her undying love for BTS that has motivated her to work as hard as them and come this far! She’s equally witty as she is responsible. So much so, that we are convinced that this young lady operates on a strict diet of humour and professionalism. Meet the very paradigm of reliability, our Treasurer for the Rotaract year 2021-2022, Rotaractor Muminah Hakeem.

Calm and orderly wherever she goes, she manages to help the organization run as efficiently as possible. Handling the preparations for the meetings, guiding the conduct of members and guests, helping keep events on the schedule and helping the president conduct the meeting according to the rules of order she is by far the best sergeant at arms that anyone could ask for. Folks, it’s none other than Rotaractor Leesha Rathnayake, your Sergeant at Arms for the Rotaract year 2021-2022.

You’ll find no shortage of charm from this man. He is a bundle of joy, one who harbours a special love for Henry Cavill. Eat your heart out, Cavill fans! He is a fountain of creativity and wit, one who always manages to plaster a smile on our faces. Known for his strong will, determination, and vibrant imagination, he will no doubt take you and the Editorial on a whirlwind of a journey, one filled with personality and flair. Ladies and gentlemen, Rotaractor Janidu Wijebandara, our Co-Editor for the Rotaract year 2021-2022.

His freakish OCD often takes us all on a journey of frustration, yet it’s his penchant for detail that adds that note of brilliance to the Editorial’s reputation.  He is the epitome of kindness and affection and what’s more, he has a calm demeanour which makes every one of us move above and beyond our set of responsibilities. Going beyond the call of duty with all the true qualities that should be within an Editor, he has taken this year’s Editorial to unprecedented heights. It’s none other than our true gentleman of the board, the Co-Editor for the Rotaract year 2021-2022, Rotaractor Vibhath Jayasinghe. 

While she carries a strong work ethic under her belt, it is her kindness and compassion that always manages to rally the club members for the tasks to come. She holds the club together both in spirit and in heart. She is the mastermind who curates that ideal club experience for all its members. Therefore, it should come as no surprise when we say that she is the glue that binds us all together. The one that always gives us a reason to keep moving forward. She is none other than our Club Service Director for the Rotaract Year 2021/22, Rotaractor Sulakshi Amarasinghe.

She is a true testament to the saying ‘appearances can be deceiving’. Underneath her calm and collected demeanour lies an avid reader, a talented pianist, an excelling academic and a passionate Brooklyn 99 fan who will strip off your skin and paste it back on if you fail to get her well-timed references or accidentally insult the show. Nonetheless, her love for the Rotaract community and dedication to her duties make her an invaluable addition to this year’s board, and we adore her to bits. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the community service director for the Rotaract Year of 2021/2022 – Rotaractor Sithmi Edirisinghe.

This lady navigates the professional world with grace and finesse. Her level of innovation and intellect of the corporate world, professionality, and self-development doubtlessly assists her as she brings much-needed knowledge and support to all of us budding graduates. Ladies and gentlemen, the Director of the Professional Development Avenue for the Rotaract Year of 2021/2022 – Rotaractor Sayuri Mohotti.

Yell ‘Neil Patrick Harris’, and you’ll find her there! Her love for this man and Rotaract are almost similar, but not quite. Regardless, her ambitious nature and the drive that she has for all things Rotaract inspires and will no doubt continue to inspire us all. She is the reason that our club has been able to make important and fruitful bonds with individuals who reside far away from our small island. The very act of establishing new and preserving old relationships from an organisation’s point of view is no easy task, yet she does it effortlessly with such meticulous precision no less. You guessed it, she is our Director of International Services for the Rotaract Year 2021/22, Rotaractor Hansy Paboda.

This girl is the human equivalent of a firecracker. She sets off her infectious and booming laughter in the most random of places, and we all find ourselves following suit, chiming in to match with her bubbly personality. If you’re ever in need of tech support within Rotaract, this bespectacled young lady will swoop in and save the day, and it might look like she’s making matters worse, but fear not, she always emerges victorious. Well, almost always. Ladies and gentlemen, your IT Director for the year 2021/22 – Rtr Madhurya Dhanasekara.

She is someone whose kindness is awe-inspiring and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. But don’t let her soft-spoken nature distract you from her many talents, one of which happens to be the wonderful and immaculate execution of our Club’s public relations. With that in mind, there’s no one that we would rather count on, in this line of work than her. Meet our Public Relations Coordinator for the Rotaract Year of 2021/2022, Rotaractor Kalani Apsara.