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Nox: Curtain Call

The final dialogue is to be delivered, amidst hushed silence. After a year of enrapturing performances, we now stand at the edge of the stage with our backs to the curtain - amidst the orchestra's parting outro, staring into an audience in darkness. After a year of faith and loyalty, of the highest reception and valued critique, the time has come for the Editorial to momentarily bid farewell to her beloved companion and most treasured counterpart - the Readership. But not without the commendation, love, and gratitude it deserves. So here we are, after the music has finally died out, the applause simmered away, and the lights have come back on - all in preparation for our final Curtain Call,…

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State of the Blog #1

Hello all! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, hasn’t it? We’re here to tell you where we’ve been and what the road ahead for us here at the Editorial looks like. The first few months, no doubt, have been absolutely electric and we couldn't be prouder of everyone in the team. December however, proved to be a rather slow month for us and if you’re wondering why, it’s because the Editorial took a much-deserved break where we gave all our writers some time to rest after what proved to be a very intense yet highly productive first five months. Trust us when we say that they deserved it. But January marks a whole new month and with…

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