Club Overview

The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts is an institution-based club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown which was initiated in the Rotaract Year 2010-11. The primary purpose of the club is to provide our members with an opportunity to engage in acts of personal development such as further developing their soft skills and leadership qualities. This aim has continued to inspire members of the club over the years as it has allowed them to fully discover their innate talents and potential.

Furthermore, we are avid believers in the concepts of equality, equity and the provision of equal opportunities to all of our members. Considering that our institution houses individuals from a multitude of faiths, beliefs and religions, it is imperative that we nurture a culture that brings everyone together, makes room for collective creativity and gives everyone a platform to lead and voice their opinions. This is perfectly captured and embodied in our club motto, alongside our commitment to service: “Come for the Fellowship, Stay for the Impact.” The club has since amassed a considerable following within the university and as grown at a steady pace over the years and currently houses nearly 245 members in the current Rotaract year which is the biggest Rotaract Arts has ever been.

Milestones of the club

Rotaract Arts has grown within the 14 years of its existence and is ripe with numerous milestones. From the perspective of club projects, some clear highlights would be our signature projects such as ‘Baila Night’, ‘DebateMate’, ‘Kuppiya’ ‘Writing Clinic’ and ‘Espoir’ which falls under the avenues of Club Service, Professional Development, International Service and Community Service respectively. In that vein, we also take much pride in the variety of our projects as we take meticulous care in ensuring that our project lineup is innovative, imaginative and diverse in its function and area of impact. Some examples of this endeavor would be ‘Fandom Fight Club’ and ‘Forward to the Past’, projects that explored familiar areas yet were presented with an unfamiliar twist.

The Dynamics of the Club

The Club is home to a community of talented and proactive individuals, and their efforts, mainly contributed in the form of projects, have significantly contributed to shaping the overall dynamic of the Club – which in its essence, is a strong proclivity towards addressing social change, and community building. While all Club Avenues contribute with major projects, the Community Service and Club Service Avenues have become major philanthropic and creative outlets to our members. Community Service Projects such as ‘Mithudam’ which focused on the provision of smart devices to students who did not have access to such equipment, stand as an example for the club’s commitment to philanthropy and advocacy.  The Club service Avenue has an equally solid presence within the Rotaract Club, which in itself, has become a major hub for networking. Interactive sessions such as ‘It’s Levi-O-Sa not Levio-Saa’, done in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Excellence, reflect the rich mix of pop culture enthusiasts, and the overall aura of the Club as well.