Category: Short Stories

Operation 52

I wanted to make my own decision and at this moment, it is vital that I do. Two gunned men stepped out of the house, which meant that there could be more than just the two of them. I squatted back behind the car that's covering us. My friend Colonel Senevirathne's hand rested on my knee. "What shall we do?" his voice was shaking. His trouser was soaked with blood, a bullet pierced through his shin. Wondering what to say, I look into his painful eyes, and knew that he wasn't going to hold up for long. "We have to move fast. Activate code red. The others won't be here yet." His eyes widened hearing my response. Yes, it is…

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The Loudest Whistle

The room filled with pin drop silence. I can hear my own heart beat syncing with those on stage. As I look over at the immense crowd gathered here, I can feel the tension. I close my eyes, praying to God. "Please, let her win!" Ever since I dropped out of the contest, my only hope was to see my best friend winning the competition, to see her coming back home, with the trophy in her hands. Now that the moment is seconds away, I can feel my stomach knotting up. Not that I hate Jasmine. She became a good friend of both of us a few weeks ago. She is an extremely talented girl, and everybody says she moves…

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