State of the Blog

State of the Blog

Hey hey! Happy New Year everyone! It has been a while since you have heard from us and we thought we would give you a much-needed recap on how things have been on our end. The first half of the year was an absolute blast, and we have no hesitation in calling it a success story! We published just one short of 50 articles (so, 49!) of which 24 were for our first project, The Love Gazette where we explored the theme of love in all its glory. If we take a minute to reflect on the project, we would say the following, going into it we expected to look at love not just from a romantic point of view but also the love one has for their parents, siblings, pets, or themselves (the best kind!). How successful were we in achieving this you may ask? Well, very! While we were quite upset (and at times concerned) about some of you having rather negative experiences of love, it was very refreshing and eye-opening to see the varying perspectives, the good, the bad, and the epiphanies.

Following the conclusion of The Love Gazette, we had to take a much-deserved break with first-semester exams coming, whereby we took a time out for the month of October. November was dedicated to general articles, and we managed to publish ten of them. In the spirit of holidays, we took December off to make sure that our writers enjoy the holidays forgetting all about the existence of a university. The Editors however were kept busy in December with the task of archiving previous articles and updating the blog as was required. We are happy to report that we have successfully completed the task at hand!

Now that we are back, let us brief you on our plans for the new year! We hope to start the year with a few update articles and then move on to our second project for the year, The Cinematic Review! We have two very talented members from the committee co-chairing the project (who we will announce very soon). The goal with this project is to give our authors an opportunity to reflect on, critique, and explore in detail any movie, TV series or drama they like, dislike or even just want to talk about! Our expectations for the project are on the sky and we know we will not be disappointed, so we invite you to tag along for a roller-coaster ride of criticisms, praise, and interesting interpretations of movies you may or may not have seen!

Following the conclusion of The Cinematic Review, the Editors hope to spend some time publishing general articles after which we have two things in mind primarily, to publish a series of interviews with the lecturers where we ask them more about their fields, the perks of majoring in their departments, and their experiences in general. We hope this will be helpful for the juniors in the coming years in making decisions about their majors and a fun little time for the lecturers to ponder upon their experiences and share valuable insights with us! We then hope to launch the second phase of Uni-Verse where we get our authors to reflect on their university life so far and tell us how the ride has been! So, exciting stuff is in store, all we can ask is you keep an eye out for them!

With this, we will stop the chatter. Hope the New Year brings to you (and us) nothing but happiness and prosperity! See you soon!


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