Month: October 2023

The Fool & the Priest

Once upon a time,lived a fool and a priest.Fool, who desire crime,with a heart of a beast. The Priest save him no prayer,but some wine & crumbs of bread.For his heart so heavy with desire,flames ignite the skin while he bled. Once upon a time,the Priest loved the Fool.Oneday,he forgot his church rhymes,and that was a change of rule. The Fool said,"My dear, dear FedyaI please to kill."And everybody could swear,it was wet in red down the hill Rtr. Chamodi Peduruarachchi

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Which is the right path? The roads are now too foggy

When I was little, and knew nothing of the worldI was drunk with dreams, knew I'd make it to the top.Now I wonder: which is the right path? The roads are now too foggy,the starting line is dim and must be thorny.(The fairytales they poisoned us withare breaking us.)I'm Icarus who flew too close to the sunand burnt his wings;the fall has broken my back and I let out a wail.My dreams—they are like a kitethat is snatched away by the windalong with the ghost of me who wants to try.They are flying high—so high—out of reach from me. - Rtr. Michelle Perera

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For My Mother

You are my everything Mom, You are the infinite sky of my life. You are the deep sea in my life. And you are the rainbow in my life. If you were not my mom, my life would have been in thick darkness. If you were not my mom, I would have lost the spirit of my life. Mom, You are my everything... -Rtr. Rebeka Hewavitharana

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