The Fool & the Priest

The Fool & the Priest

Once upon a time,
lived a fool and a priest.
Fool, who desire crime,
with a heart of a beast.

The Priest save him no prayer,
but some wine & crumbs of bread.
For his heart so heavy with desire,
flames ignite the skin while he bled.

Once upon a time,
the Priest loved the Fool.
he forgot his church rhymes,
and that was a change of rule.

The Fool said,
“My dear, dear Fedya
I please to kill.”
And everybody could swear,
it was wet in red down the hill

Rtr. Chamodi Peduruarachchi

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Nicely written akki <3

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    Chamodi Peduruarachchi

    Thank you.
    It means a lot <3

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