Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted!

Yes, it will be a challenging year! But nothing we can’t handle as a team!

Today I’m experiencing an unexpected movement because of my Rotaract family. Actually, from my point of view, this is a brand new challenge. From the bottom of my heart, I said ‘yes!’ to this brand new challenge a few months ago because facing challenges is my one and only passion. Over the span of one and a half years, I could proudly say I gained thousands of new and exciting experiences by conducting and organizing various kinds of events with the Rotaract Arts family. During those few months, what I saw was a sense of unity among the Rotaract Arts family members. A special mention goes to this one person, whose inspiration led us to understand the importance of teamwork, and that is none other than Rtr. Gethmi Adikari. First of all, I’d like to thank her for building up a strong foundation for our Rotaract Arts family. Secondly, I am grateful for all the board members who helped us reach success without any hesitation, despite tons of challenges. Furthermore, I would like to thank both past president Gethmi Adikari and all the board members at the same time because I’m confident we are much more successful because of the working experience we gained working with them.

As a member of the Rotaract Arts family, my primary duty is to select hard-working and eligible members for the Rotaract board. Needless to say, my duty was made more feasible than expected as I have previous working experience with the members who I then selected to work with me, and there is no negativity in that. So, presenting to you…our new board for the year!


  • Co – Vice President : Induwara Siriwardane
  • Co – Vice President : Hiruni Ramasinghe
  • Secretary : Bhagya Piyamudalige
  • Assistant Secretary : Lihini Jayawardene
  • Assistant Secretary : Nirodha Hettiarachchi
  • Treasurer : Dhanuji Amaranayake
  • Assistant Treasurer : Nirodha Hettiarachchi
  • Co-Editor : Sajani Jayasinghe
  • Co-Editor : Kusali Rupasinghe


  • Co-Club Service Director : Savini Dulma
  • Co-Club Service Director : Hasini Perera
  • Co -Community Service Director : Amandi Ranawaka
  • Co -Community Service Director : Manthini Attygala
  • Co-Professional Development Director : Abheetha Kodikara
  • Co-Professional Development Director : Sandamini Bhagya
  • Co- International Service Director : Thusini Gajanayake
  • Co- International Service Director : Ranosha Disanayake
  • Co-Public Relations Director : Sayuri Wijesinghe
  • Co-Public Relations Director : Raziya Lareef
  • Co-Membership Development Director : Harshi Bandara
  • Co-Membership Development Director: Charitha Ranathunge
  • Sports and Recreation Director : Induwara Siriwardana
  • Co-Environmental Service Director : Lochana Pramudi
  • Co-Environmental Service Director : Umesha Wijewardhena

So, we are ready to step into the new year following our motto “Come for the fellowship, stay for the impact”.

On a final note, I wish the best of luck and success to all the members of the Rotaract Arts family. I’m sure we’ll reach exciting heights! Thank you.

Rtr. Jehan De Silva, signing in!

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