Month in Review: March

Month in Review: March

Hey everyone!

Aaaaah the madness that was March! Remember how we thought February was crazy? Well, March took things to a whole new level with those never-ending assignments (seriously, they just kept coming!).

As always, a huge shoutout goes to our amazing group of writers who wrote these updates, juggling so much work! We truly appreciate it. Since exams are nearing (yikes!), this month’s update will be in English only. 

Even though the Sinhala and Tamil New Year coincide with our study leave, we hope that you all will be able to recharge and celebrate new beginnings! Here’s to conquering those exams! 

Wishing you all the best of luck,

The co-editors

The Editorial

In March, we successfully completed the Cinematic Narrative Project, crafting an impressive collection of 17 articles. Every article in the series served as a heartfelt message to the writer’s favourite comfort show or film, offering our readers a unique glimpse into the art of storytelling from the perspective of diverse preferences. This project captivated our audience with articles that were not only beautifully written but also deeply personal. 

Further, the February edition of our Monthly Information Review (MIR) was published, continuing our tradition of providing our readers with a roundup of the month’s most significant news, insights, and analyses of our club’s activities. The editorial has also been active in creating captions for the avenues’ projects, monthly events, and many more. As we celebrate our achievements in the Cinematic Narrative, we also look forward with anticipation to the new ventures on the horizon with our upcoming projects!

The Community Service Avenue

The Community Service Avenue wrapped up yet another one of their projects, Sparklean, on March 24. The project was to clean our Arts faculty’s premises, but of course, it went beyond that. They not only picked up trash from the Awula area (you know that spot!) but also donated a brand new compost bin to the university cleaning service to help them keep things eco-friendly. Sustainability for the win, we say!

It wasn’t all work and no play, though. To celebrate a job well done, we ended the day with some fun games. A big shoutout goes to the EXCO/board members and the awesome volunteers who came out to lend a hand!

The Club Service Avenue

Club Service Avenue played a key role in the celebration of our 14th Charter Day on March 26. That’s right, our club turned 14 this year! Rotaracters gathered for the celebration, and it was an afternoon full of camaraderie, some delicious refreshments, and a shared love for service. 

The festivities were capped off with a heartwarming song segment, uniting all present in a harmonious celebration. The event solidified the enduring spirit of fellowship and dedication to service that defines our club and its dedicated members.   

The Professional Development Avenue

In March, the Rotaract of Arts, was abuzz with activity as we embarked on an empowering journey through three remarkable projects: “Beyond the Labels,” “පුරවර කථිකාවත”, and “Prospecto ’24.”

  • Phase 1 of “Beyond the Labels”: Inspiring Interviews

The avenue kicked off the month by delving into the stories of remarkable women who have conquered the professional world. Through insightful interviews, conducted jointly by the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Arts and the Rotaract Club of KDU Southern Campus, we gained valuable perspectives on the challenges they faced and the paths they took to success.  Their stories served as beacons of inspiration for all.

  • Phase 2 of “Beyond the Labels”: Enlightening Webinar

Continuing our commitment to professional growth, we hosted an engaging webinar featuring a distinguished guest speaker. Dr. Kaushalya Perera, Senior Lecturer at the Department of English, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, graced us with her wisdom on women’s empowerment and provided insight into how female undergraduates can overcome challenges in the university.

  • All-Island Inter-School Debating Competition

In addition to our empowering initiatives, the Avenue organized an all-island inter-school debating competition, namely පුරවර කථිකාවත,” bringing together 40 schools from across six provinces and 11 districts. The quarter-finals and semi-finals, also known as the “Super 8 phase,” were held on March 30th. As we congratulate the winning teams, we advise you to brace yourselves as we gear up for the grand finale, where the best of the best teams will compete for the ultimate title.

  • Prospecto ’24: Career Guidance Seminar

Continuing our commitment to professional growth, the organizing committee of “Prospecto ’24” hosted a valuable seminar featuring guest speaker Mr. Priyanga Wijewardana, the Strategy Planning Manager at Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd. Mr. Wijewardana provided insightful guidance on aligning one’s passion with their prospective career, inspiring participants to pursue their dreams with purpose. 

Our journey doesn’t end here! Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to learn, grow, and empower one another. Together, we’re breaking down barriers and redefining success!

The International Service Avenue

March was an eventful month for the International Service Avenue, marked by several significant activities. The avenue facilitated another letterhead exchange with the Rotaract Club of RVCE University, India, bolstering cross-national connections. Additionally, the avenue participated actively in the Cultural Holidays Online Meetup, which was jointly arranged by the Rotaract Club of Pakistan’s Bahauddin Zakariya University and a few other clubs. This virtual gathering, which took place on the 10th of March, provided a platform to celebrate cultural diversity, promoting understanding and appreciation of different heritages. 

Moreover, on March 28th, the avenue hosted the highly anticipated Forensic Inquest project in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Anna University, India. The event delved into forensic investigation, featuring esteemed guest speaker Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Dean of the Medical Faculty at Uwa Wellassa University. 

Furthermore, the ongoing initiative, “Voices of the Inner Storm,” a poetry writing campaign in partnership with the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Medicine, continued throughout March. This initiative focused on two main themes: life experiences related to mental health and poems portraying psychiatric illnesses. The project’s second phase is slated for April.

The Sports and Recreational Avenue

The avenue is getting ready for the most awaited celebration of the season, ‘Rota Awrudu’24’. It will be happening on the 10th of April at UOC grounds. This is an initiative by the Rotaract clubs of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management & Finance, and Faculty of Law. A memorable day with exciting Awrudu games and activities is all around the corner. The registrations are open to everyone willing to enjoy a fun-filled day to experience the true essence and importance of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year.

MIR Team:

Rtr. Barani Imasha, Rtr. Hasanki Nimthara, Rtr. Janani Kumarasiri, Rtr. Michelle Perera and Rtr. Sandithi Kalansooriya

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