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Month in Review: September

Hello everyone, Welcome to the Month In Review for September. This time around the feature event of the club was the 13th installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of the University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts. We hope to publish the full account of the ceremony in the near future. Additionally, the Professional Development Avenue, Community Service Avenue, and the International Service Avenue have completed a few projects in the preceding month and are working on some exciting projects. All of which you can get sneak peak into below.

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Month In Review: August

Hello and welcome to the Month In Review of August! It's only been two months since the commencement of the new Rotaract year, and yet so much has already been done. Along with our featured event for August: “Salty Escape” and other projects initiated by the club avenues ranging from puppies and all the way to Pakistan, we have summarized it all in this edition of the Month In Review.

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Month in Review: July

The Co-Editors would like to warmly welcome you to the July edition of the Month-In-Review for the year 2022-23, which is a summation of all the events which took place in a month, published at the beginning of the succeeding month. This initiative which was begun in the year 2021-22, is now published tri-lingually the first time this year. For this purpose, we curated team comprising a pool of talented writers of all three languages i.e., English, Sinhala and Tamil who will be contributing for the first six months of the Rotaract year after which the team will be renewed for the next six months. We hope you enjoy the outlook we’ve taken for this year and that you continue…

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