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Medici (TV series)

In Florence, during the Renaissance period, was a powerful Italian noble family bearing the name, Medici. Their power and influence bolstered by the banking and trade activities conducted by its members, the Medici family stood dominating political and economic aspects in Florence, while also extending their influence all across Europe in a way that one might call them truly the Masters of Florence. The Netflix series, “Medici”, a collaborative creation by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer, chronicles the rise to the power of this notorious Medici family, set in 15th century. With the combination of a talented cast and an excellent cinematography, the series focuses on the political intrigue, betrayals, murders, and the complicated dynamics of power that characterized the Renaissance period in which the Medici family rose to the epitome of European power. Consisting…

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Wonka (2023): A Sweet Treat Indeed!

Bringing a quite different outlook to the weird Willy Wonka we know from Roald Dahl,Paul King brings us an interesting story of the young Wonka creating a visual andauditory spectacle. This musical imagining gives us a refreshing origin story of theyoung chocolatier, transporting us through a melodic adventure. Timothée Chalamet’s performance as young Willy Wonka captures innocence and radiatespositivity. It is also noteworthy that Calah Lane’s performance as Noodle addedmuch warmth and enhanced the overall charm of the film, creating an endearingstory. The film is filled with several adventurous turnovers that are entertaining andengaging to the audience (though you might want to watch yourself confrontingDeath by Chocolate because it is not your usual cake from Barista!).  The narrative unfolds, reminding…

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