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Desert Flower: A Tale of Resilience and Strength

The movie “Desert Flower” relates the extraordinary story of the courageous Somalian girl Waris Dirie, who has been through a journey of struggle and hardship. Beginning from her life in the deserts of Africa to establishing herself as an internationally recognized supermodel, her story is incredibly inspiring and compelling. Just as a desert flower, she blooms in a desert, thriving hardships and harsh circumstances with her strength and resilience as a courageous woman. The director, Sherry Hormann, has done a marvelous job of showcasing Waris’s autobiographical tale along with its dramatic twists. Especially, the role of Waris is outlandishly performed by the well-known supermodel and actress Liya Kabede. The plot is mainly based on the book ‘Desert Flower', which is…

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