Were you thinking of having a strong Indian refreshment?

Were you thinking of having a strong Indian refreshment?

Masala is a Combination of Spices. Masala Chai is the original name of the Spiced Tea. The Indian tea, or “Chai” in Hindi, is a rich, milky beverage that is not only intensely colored and scalding hot, but also flavorful.

To make a Strong Masala Chai, you just only need to come up with few steps. Even though, the Primary Ingredients of a Masala is a common aspect for all recipes, the number of seasonings or other ingredients used to flavor the tea are vary as per the preference of the consumer. Some prefer merely whole spices, while others like to add a lot of Cardamom or Ginger. Anyway, water, milk, sugar, and Tea leaves are essential for Masala Chai.

Since, I have finished gathering the ingredients, we shall start the process of making this delicious, Tea. Let us start!!! As the very first attempt of making this heavenly drink a reality, we should collect all the essential components and some additional spices. Then, boil one cup of water in medium-high heat. While the water is being boiled, make sure to crush the spices, putting into a grinder. Eventually, mix the ground spices, with water well. Then, directly add the grated ginger to the water in the pot. Reduce the heat gradually. Once, you add the tea leaves, you need to make sure to boil the water again. Now, you can add the sugar as well, do note that it can be added at the time of serving too. That is your choice! Now it’s the time for adding milk. Add 1/4 cup of milk and stir well. After adding the milk, you must make sure to boil the tea again. When it is boiled enough, strain it into teacup and enjoy. Don’t forget leave a comment after enjoying this delicious drink!!!

Hmm… I wonder if I remember the day I tasted Masala Chai for the very first time. I know, I can remember, that was the last day of first semester end exam. I was just after the INR paper. A very hectic day! Even though I tasted it just after the exam, I can only presume that the desire of having such a tea was born in the previous night. Simply because it was such a long night where I was officially fed up of studying. While passing this long night, randomly, I saw a TikTok video on how this amazing tea is made. After that, I just kept watching videos on how this delightful mouth-watering drink is made, keeping away the books I was reading. Even though, I had this strong urge to try this soon, I had to control my desire just until the INR paper is done and dusted. Soon after I came out from the exam hall, I rushed to taste this immediately. Even at a time I cherished tasting this “Chai Tea”, and I didn’t forget to share this with my bestie. After listening to my short adventurous story, she too got a strong urge to taste it soon. We both were sailing on the same boat! “So, what are you waiting for?” she asked. Although, it was getting late to catch the bus to go home, we both ran to ‘KAILASA’ which is one of the places in Sri Lanka, where the best Indian Food is made. 

Oh! Finally, we had it! I cannot put to words how it tastes! It’s superb! Delicious! Simply, the creaminess of the milk and the amazing taste of the essence of the spices: Ginger, Cardamoms, and Pepper were addictive. I was obsessed with it! Masala Chai is not only tasty, but also it has an extraordinary potential of giving you a burst of energy a new refreshing mood that can give you boost to your day.

I don’t know if this is a thing, but I can safely say that I’m officially a ‘Chai person’! I never miss my evening Chai in the same way I do not forget having my breakfast.

Would you too like to start your day with a ‘Chai Masala’?

Rtr. Hasini Perera

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