Month: February 2023

Month in Review: January

Welcome to the first Month in Review for the year 2023. Rotaract Arts has been quite busy already so jump right in to catch up on what we've been up to so far! The Editors Club Service Avenue | සමාජ සේවා අංශය | கிளப் சர்வீஸ் அவென்யூ It has been a hectic month for the Club Service Avenue of our Rotaract Club as they assisted the Community Service Avenue with the project “Ambalame Thaala.” The project saw the active participation of many Rotaracters and university students, and it’s safe to say everybody had a good time! The Avenue also designed a unique club T-shirt to mark the occasion. The Avenue also completed another “Together Sri Lanka” (TSL) project with seven other…

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Ask me about Aasmi

Sri Lanka is a country with so many sweets and snacks. As a person who loves both sweets and  snacks, here I have chosen my favourite sweet, "Aasmi," for Reader's Digest. Even since we are now slowly moving towards Sinhala and Tamil New Year, for me it means the Aasmi season is coming, just like Kokis and Kevum season for others.

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