Guardians of the Green: Rotaract Arts for an Evergreen Future!

Guardians of the Green: Rotaract Arts for an Evergreen Future!

As the Directors of the Environmental Services Avenue of the Rotaract Club at Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, we are very proud to reflect on a year packed with impactful projects and dedicated participation from our members. Our efforts have not only enhanced the environment but also fostered a sense of responsibility and community among fellow members. This year, we successfully completed three major projects: Pruthuwi, Sobaru, and Blue Horizon, each leaving a significant mark on our journey toward environmental sustainability.

Our year began with Pruthuwi, a planting project in a rural school in Pannipitiya. That was a joint project with community service avenue and this initiative aimed to enhance the green cover in school premises while introducing the importance of environmental conservation in young minds. Volunteers from our club, along with students and teachers from the school, planted a variety of medicinal plants. This project was more than just an act of planting; it was a collaborative effort that brought together different sections of the community for a common cause. The enthusiasm and active participation of everyone involved demonstrated the power of collective action in creating a greener future. The sight of young students eagerly participating in planting trees was cultivating evidence of the project’s success in fostering environmental awareness from a young age.

Our second project, Sobaru, took us to the Baddagana Wetland Park, an evergreen nature heaven. The field visit aimed to educate our members about the vital role wetlands play in maintaining ecological balance. Nearly all members of our avenue participated in this informative and eye-opening visit. We explored the diverse flora and fauna of the wetland, learning about the delicate ecosystems and the threats they face due to urbanization and pollution. This hands-on experience was invaluable, as it underscored the importance of preserving such natural habitats. Sobaru not only deepened our understanding of environmental issues but also strengthened our resolve to advocate for their protection.

The highlight of our year was the remarkable Blue Horizon, a comprehensive project aimed at raising awareness about marine conservation. Blue Horizon had two phases, each addressing a different aspect of our mission. Phase one was an exhibition about sea turtles and seaside ecosystems, held at the Faculty of Arts premises. This exhibition was open to all university students, and it featured informative displays, interactive sessions, and expert talks. The overwhelming response from the university community highlighted the widespread interest and concern for marine life.

Phase two of Blue Horizon involved a donation drive for the sea turtle farm and hatchery in Koggala. Our members worked tirelessly to collect funds and resources to support the hatchery’s efforts in protecting and rehabilitating sea turtles. The visit to the hatchery was an emotional and enlightening experience, as we witnessed the dedication of the staff and the critical work they do in conserving these magnificent creatures. The funds and resources we donated will aid in the continued care and conservation efforts at the hatchery, ensuring that future generations of sea turtles have a fighting chance for survival. We did a coastal cleanup in the hatchery premises as well to ensure the safety of the sea turtles. 

Reflecting on these projects, it is clear that our Rotaract year was one of significant environmental impact and personal growth for our members. Through Pruthuwi, Sobaru, and Blue Horizon, we not only contributed to environmental conservation but also learned the value of teamwork, dedication, and community engagement. These projects have laid a strong foundation for future initiatives, and we are excited to continue our journey towards a more sustainable world. As we look ahead, we are inspired by the progress we’ve made and are committed to building on these successes to create an even greater impact in the years to come.

Rtr. Lochana Pamudi and Rtr. Buddhi Munasingha

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