Nature’s Blueprint: Balancing Laws and Wealth for a Greener Future

Nature’s Blueprint: Balancing Laws and Wealth for a Greener Future

In a world where nature and mankind entwine,

A tale of hope, where the sun and moon align.

With laws that nurture, and economics keen,

Sustainable development, the ultimate dream.

Nature’s canvas painted with hues so grand,

Forests, oceans, deserts, earth’s endless land.

In the fragile balance, where ecosystems thrive,

Laws stand as guardians, ensuring all life.

Environmental laws, with purpose profound,

Protecting the earth, with a watchful eye around.

Air, water, and soil, they safeguard with care,

For a world that’s healthy, clean, and fair.

But some may question, do these laws impede?

The engines of growth, where industries lead.

Yet herein lies a tale untold and true,

Economics and nature, in harmony they brew.

For sustainable development, the path ahead,

Where prosperity and conservation can be wed.

A world where innovation and green technology,

Create a new future, with abundant possibility.

Clean energy soars, jobs in the wind and sun,

In the heart of conservation, a new era’s begun.

Recycling, reusing, reducing our waste,

Creating a world where resources aren’t misplaced.

Tourism booms in lands preserved with care,

Nature’s beauty and culture, a unique affair.

Local economies thrive, as visitors arrive,

Sustainable tourism, the way to revive.

In the heart of it all, where nature and laws meet,

Economics prospers with a balanced beat.

Sustainable development, the compass we follow,

For a world where today’s choices won’t bring tomorrow’s sorrow.

Let’s remember this tale of nature, law, and econ,

A world where life’s beauty can forever be drawn.

In sustainable development, we find our way,

To a future where nature and mankind can sway.

-Rtr. H. Kaushalya Dias

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Limasha madusarani


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Nelusha Sudusingha


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Pavani Kasuntha

Nice poem ❤️

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Sanduni Dakshika

Very helpful

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Your poem beautifully intertwines nature and mankind, creating a tapestry of hope and harmony!

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Tharana Guruge

Well done kaushalyakeep it up!!!!✒️❤️

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Tharushi Perera

An enchanting poem! ‘Nature’s Blueprint’ beautifully merges nature, law, and economics, highlighting the delicate balance for a greener world. It gently reminds us that today’s choices shape tomorrow’s canvas. Let’s support a future where prosperity and nature harmonize. Kudos to the talented author for this poetic masterpiece!

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Sanduni Yahampath

There’s a certain mystique to your work that’s both intriguing and enchanting. Keep it up nanga❤️

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Yes, there is a strong relationship between nature and law.
And also great idea Kaushalya.

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What a creative poem✨. Best wishes for your future

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Parami Kalubowila

This is really inspiring and Thriving !
This Made me realize lots of things.
“To a future where nature and mankind can sway !❤️

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Dewmini Ranawaka

Nice poem

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Dewmini Ranawaka

Nice poem ❤️

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