Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Have you ever heard that in one lifetime, people spend three months brushing their teeth, half a year in the shower and over a whole year cleaning their house? But have we ever spent one moment cleaning our mind? Have you ever cleaned your mind? Have you thought of cleaning your mind? Can the human mind really be cleaned?

The human mind is a composition of numerous thoughts and feelings like love, fear, anxiety, stress and more; out of which there are a lot of thoughts that we really do not want to have and feelings which we do not want to experience.  For a person to get rid of thoughts or feelings which they do not really want, they should clean their mind and get rid of them for good. Cleaning one’s mind involves a process of removing stress and negative energy from one’s mind. It helps to remove the hindrances which demotivate and discourage a person from achieving their goals in life. Thus, the question is, how can we really clean the mind? To which the answer is meditation.

Meditation is a commonly used term by many people around the world. It is the process of cleaning and taming the mind to achieve a clear and calm state. Accordingly, it is strongly believed that meditation is a key element in the path towards being oneself. On a scientific level, many studies have investigated meditation and provided evidence of its miraculous effects and benefits on the physical health of people. Meditation has proven to reduce blood pressure, symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and flare-ups in people who have had Ulcerative Colitis. It is also said that it may help the mental state of people as it eases symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For a person to have a life of peace and happiness one must be balanced in both mind and body. to The mere fact of meditation allowing people to be healthy both physically and mentally allows a person to achieve their visions of life more easily and lead a successful life.

Even though people are very much familiar with the immense benefits of meditation, the idea of meditating would often receive an unenthusiastic response. Thus, there are very limited people who have taken the initiative to meditate.

Amongst the many people who are unable to clearly perceive the immense value of meditation, are another group of individuals who have unlocked its hidden and underappreciated benefits.  Many meditation centers can be found across the world and Sri Lanka too has several meditation centers. One such meditation center is Colombo Meditation in Rajagiriya. Colombo Meditation is believed to be a great place for meditation with a suitable environment and friendly assistants.  One may encounter dozens of people who hope to achieve the ultimate bliss of mind. They meditate to find the truth within themselves by eliminating the feelings like fear, anxiety, and doubtfulness. This meditation center helps people to clear the unwanted trash in their mind and acquire a peaceful state of mind.

The minds of people are filled with negativity and unwanted thoughts which do not allow a person to progress in life. Instead, they make a person to travel backward or to remain in the same place. This negativity can be gotten rid of by engaging in meditation.

In conclusion, the calmness of mind is one the most beautiful jewels of life. This calmness and sense of peace is what really drives man towards wisdom. It allows people to see all the possibilities of life rather than being trapped in one’s own world which can be destructive. Therefore, it will not be of any uselessness if we clear our minds with meditation and open ourselves into the jewel of wisdom the universe offers us.

Rtr. Lihini Jayawardene

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