Voice of thoughts on self love

Voice of thoughts on self love

When I no longer find comfort within my own self,
happiness seems obscure,
as my heart creeps towards the depths of darkness,
yearning for affliction….
Pain caresses my soul,
gently breaking it piece by piece.
I see no stars bejewelling my sky
nor shrouded wisps of clouds
to capture an artist’s eye.
The note of my lyre has become dull,
My life like lukewarm coffee,
bitter and unappealing
Hatred,spreads through me like a plague…..

But there are moments I wonder,
How the sky can still be pretty
even in the absence of stars and clouds,
For there are myriads of shades
to unmask it’s beauty.
Can’t a dull melody ever be soothing?
To please an ear which accepts change?
Will a coffee ever be unappealing ,warm or cold,
To someone who loves the taste?
So why dwell on lingering hate
when there are blessings hidden in every flow
to pave the way towards a treasure
best known as self love….

-Rtr. Uvinya De Zoysa

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