You can literally do anything with Tofu

You can literally do anything with Tofu

Why do vegans love Tofu very much? Because you can literally do anything with it. Tofu is a very versatile food item. You can even make ice cream with it, if you are that desperate. While I was experimenting with Tofu (Because that’s what I do instead of studying), I myself came up with several not so original recipes. What’s the point of a recipe if you aren’t willing to share it with anyone? So, here goes my tandoori tofu recipe. My first attempt at making this was a disaster, but trust me it is a good dish.

The ingredients are fairly simple. This quantity will serve around four people. You will need one block of firm tofu, cut and pressed into cubes. One cup of yoghurt. (You can use vegan yoghurt if preferred). Two tablespoons of lemon juice. Two cloves of chopped garlic. One teaspoon of grated ginger. Two teaspoons of garam masala. Half a teaspoon of turmeric. One teaspoon of chili powder and salt. Some pepper and water to thin out the marinade. When it comes to spices, you don’t need the exact measurements, just use your Asian eyeballs. Don’t worry, you won’t need a tandoor oven.

First off, let’s make the marinade. Whisk together the yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, garam masala, chili powder, pepper and salt in a bowl. You can adjust the thickness of the marinade by adding water. Add the cubes of tofu into the marinade and massage them like how you would expect someone to massage your shoulders after a long day of work. Make sure every surface and corner of the tofu pieces are coated in the marinade. Let the pieces marinate for at least two hours, even if you are very hungry.

You can either bake the tofu or fry it. If you are planning to bake them, preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the tofu on a baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes until they are brown and crispy. If you are more of a frying person, you can fry them on low heat with a bit of butter or oil till the cubes are brown and crispy. Easy – peasy lemon squeezy. You can literally squeeze some lemon over the baked/ fried tandoori pieces to adjust to your taste.

You can have tandoori tofu with anything, rice, parata or even in a skewer. However, my favorite way is to eat them straight out of the oven. (Not recommending to anyone though). That’s all I have for you readers today. Try making my very simple tandoori tofu dish, and let me know what you think. Maybe your comments can come up as a food review article in “Readers’ Digest” itself.

Rtr. Kavindi Gunawardena

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