A Cup of Comfort for Self Love

A Cup of Comfort for Self Love

When I had to write for The Love Gazette I was wondering what to write. The love we experience from family, friends or partners is the purest form of love. But apart from that, it came to me that self-love is also important.

I am sure you have heard the saying “You were born a winner because among the millions of cells that contain life, ‘you’ had the chance to see the light of this world. From that moment onwards you have come a long way! A doctor once told me that “we have thousands and thousands of neurons electrifying within half a millisecond to work our commands. We, within ourselves carry the most valued objects; a heart and a brain”. It got me thinking. Such a novel way to look at yourself and made me realise how amazing we humans are. Of course, every day is not perfect. Even grumpy moods and ugly cries make us normal and it is fine. But the key is to never give up on yourself.

A beautiful portrayal I saw around these ideas is the visuals created for the song Hitha Hoyanna by Kasun Kalhara. This is a Sinhala song with a heart-touching meaning. But most importantly what caught my eye (literally) was the music video for the song directed by Sanjeewa Senavirathne. Within one second the young woman’s mind roamed off a path in her journey and whenever she is faced with a heartbreaking moment it is she who soothes her and never surrenders.

The person we see here is not a stranger. It is you and I. We have passed different phases in life and met with glories and tremendous downs. Yet here we are. In the end, we wiped our tears and picked up the courage to go on. Still smiling. Never letting that inner spark extinguish. So give yourself enough credit. Keep going! Love Yourself!

Rtr. Bhagya Naranpanawa

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