Apocalypto: A Review

Apocalypto: A Review

Apocalypto is an extreme adventure and action movie, with survial being the main theme. This historical epic is based on the Mayan civilization of Europe. The characteristics of a civilization (environmental factors, clothes, and ornaments) and the development of civilizations are seen in this film, and it is undoubtedly a wonderful film for history lovers. Another remarkable feature of the movie that I felt was the shadow of love emerging from the adventure.

The cast, crew, and a few details

The director of this film is Mel Gibson, and he and Farhad Safinia co-wrote the screenplay. The main character of this film is Jaguar Paw, played by Rudy Youngblood. For Jaguar Paw, nothing matters more than his relationships with his pregnant young wife Seven (Dalia Hernandez) and their son, Turtles Run (Carlos Emilio Baez), as well as his father, Flint Sky (Morris Birdyellowhead).

There are several other main characters, and most of them make valuable contributions to the film. The film went on to win many awards.

*Release Date (Theaters): December 8, 2006

*Release Date (Streaming): April 24, 2020.

Content in brief to get an understanding of the film…

As mentioned above, this is a film centered on the Mayan civilization. It shows a small tribal settlement with a group of tribal people living in it, and the story begins with a hunting scene. In the meantime, they meet another group of people, and the tribe leader realizes the fear and darkness reflected in the expressions on their faces. Then they take the hunted meat and go to the tribal settlement. It is a scene that highlights the character of Jaguar Paw, who has a strong bond with his family. The story is quite funny because of the character of Blunted and his family. Blunted’s character is exemplary because of his love for his wife until his death and his loyalty to his tribe leader.

The next day was not so good for them as another tribal group attacked their tribal settlement, killed the tribal leader, and took the older women and men to another settlement. However, Jaguar Paw promises to come back and hides his wife and child in a nearby pit. The women who were taken to a new settlement faced a tragic. The next scene is an incident where the men, including Jaguar Paw, are painted blue and released to their deaths. Jaguar Paw is the only survivor of this. He goes to his wife and son. At the end, the narrator shows us a group of people, like Europeans, who arrive at the Mayan settlement.

My Thoughts

I invite you to watch this memorable movie at least once. Jaguar Paw is a great character who sees everything destroyed before his eyes but risks his life for his promise to his wife. This character, who has the potential to be belligerent and courageous, becomes the lifeblood of the film. While naming APOCALYPTO as one of the best films I have seen recently, I assure you that this is a great film for those who like realism and historical facts.

– Rtr. Eshani Perera

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