Balancing Act: A Look into My Journey with Rotaract

Balancing Act: A Look into My Journey with Rotaract

My journey with the Rotaract Club at the University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts, began in 2022 when I joined as a member. Since then, I’ve participated in every project, gaining valuable experience and skills.

One of my early milestones was working as a co-chair with Jehan, the current president, for the O’Santa Christmas Party. This role taught me many lessons and developed my leadership skills, which helped me become Vice President in 2023.

I’d like to take a moment to express my special thanks to Jehan and Gethmi for believing in me. Their support has been a great motivation. As Vice President, I took on many responsibilities, further enhancing my knowledge and leadership skills. My co-vice president, Induwara, has also been incredibly supportive, always ready to help.

Being part of the Rotaract Club has truly been a significant and special experience. It’s a great platform for anyone interested in charity work. Members gain knowledge in leadership, fellowship, and language skills. When I first joined, I didn’t even know how to create a Google form, but I’ve learned so much since then.

While serving as Vice President, I also held the position of Director of the Leo Club in our faculty. Balancing these roles with my studies was challenging, but it taught me valuable lessons in time management. I’m grateful to the presidents of both clubs, Jehan and Tharushika, my friends, and my family for their support.

Jehan, as president, always trusted and supported me, helping me overcome every challenge. The board members and executive committee were also fantastic, with special thanks to Nirodha for her invaluable assistance.

I encourage everyone to consider becoming a Rotaractor—it could be one of the most important and best decisions you make in your life.

– Rtr. Hiruni Ramasinghe

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