Beyond Goodbyes: Reflecting on Our Journey Together as Club Service Directors

Beyond Goodbyes: Reflecting on Our Journey Together as Club Service Directors

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a group of strangers into a family? For me, the answer lies in my journey as the Co-Club Service Director of Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts. Leading as the Co-Club Service Director of the club felt like navigating a ship through tranquil and turbulent waters alike. Every event, project, meeting, and act of service was a wave that pushed us onward, imparting lessons in resilience, leadership, and unity.

Our Rotaract journey set sail in mid-September 2023 with our inaugural challenge being to bring to life the dazzling Installation ceremony of the club, an event that marked the official kickoff for our club. Being new to this agenda, our start was far from easy. However, by turning every hurdle into a stepping stone, we managed to create a spectacular and vibrant Installation Ceremony. The event shone brightly with the presence of District officials, fellow Rotaractors from various clubs, and our beloved parents, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Our second endeavour, “Sweet Grass,” blossomed as a delightful picnic within the serene surroundings of Viharamahadevi Park. Designed to weave the threads of camaraderie among our newly appointed officials and recent recruits, this enchanting gathering provided the perfect backdrop for forging new friendships and strengthening our fellowship. Despite the initially modest attendance, our spirits soared as the day progressed. The event sparkled with engaging activities and mouth watering dishes that lifted our moods and filled our hearts with joy. It proved to be not just a simple gathering but a spirited launchpad for our Rotaract journey, igniting our enthusiasm and strengthening our unity from the very start.

Next, we embarked on one of our signature projects, O’Santa,” a festive tradition we uphold each December to celebrate the Christmas season in collaboration with the Leo Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts. This wasn’t just another Christmas celebration, it was a vibrant spectacle bursting with interactive games, a captivating beauty pageant, a culinary feast offering diverse flavors, and the pulsating beats of a live DJ, creating an unforgettable experience for all who joined us. Navigating this collaboration wasn’t a straightforward endeavour, requiring us to harmoniously blend and honor ideas from both sides, ensuring equal respect and creativity flourishing from start to finish. Defying every hurdle, we crafted a dazzling and inclusive event that drew the largest turnout yet, spanning not only our university but also gathering participants from diverse communities far and wide.

Our third and most grand endeavor was the much-anticipated “Baila Night,” an exhilarating collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens. We are thrilled to announce that this was the most electrifying event in the Rotaract calendar, attracting over 100 enthusiastic participants. Baila Night not only amplified the fellowship and camaraderie between our clubs but also set the stage for future collaborative triumphs. This year, we added even more vibrancy to the celebration by embracing our Sri Lankan cultural heritage, featuring the captivating performances of Traditional Sri Lankan fire dancers. The night was ablaze with energy as everyone danced with abandon to the infectious rhythms of Baila songs, creating an unforgettable tapestry of joy and unity.

Bringing this project to fruition was not like strolling through a flower garden; we faced countless hurdles even before the event day dawned. Yet, through effective communication, teamwork, and the collective hope of everyone involved, we navigated these challenges and achieved success. Witnessing the joy and satisfaction on everyone’s faces was the ultimate confirmation that we had indeed conquered the game.

As the grand finale to our initiatives, we orchestrated a spectacular celebration for our 14th Charter Day in March 2024, curated by our avenue. This exclusive gathering for club members was a vibrant tribute to our club’s journey, designed to deepen our fellowship bonds. The air was alive with joy and laughter, a testament to the strong connections and spirited camaraderie that define us. Reflecting the Rotaract Club’s unwavering commitment to community and inclusivity, we shared food parcels with the minor staff members of the Faculty of Arts. This joyous occasion not only celebrated our past triumphs but also propelled us towards future endeavors, reinforcing our shared mission to create a lasting impact.

Bringing these projects to fruition was a formidable task for our avenue. We faced numerous obstacles, but as Co-Directors, we navigated them together with determination and resilience. Along this journey, the steadfast support of our Executive Committee and Board of Directors was invaluable, propelling us forward in every endeavor. How could we forget our cherished juniors? They were our constant companions, contributing in myriad ways and standing with us through every project, making success a shared triumph. 

As directors of the Club Service avenue, Savini and I proudly congratulate the newly appointed Board. While our official Rotaract journey may conclude here, our commitment to support the club remains unwavering. To the new Board, we leave you with this thought: this path is not an easy one, but with relentless determination, you will achieve victories filled with deep satisfaction. Keep pushing forward, and relish the successes that await you!

Rtr. Hasini Perera and Rtr. Savini Dulma

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