Beyond the Balance Sheets

Beyond the Balance Sheets

When Gethmi and Tharushika first approached me to take on the position of Treasurer for the Rotaract year 2022-23, I remember feeling terrified. After all, I had never played a similar role in the 10+ clubs I had been a part of. But now, looking back at this journey, I can’t help but have the biggest grin on my face. It’s been a whirlwind of a year as your friendly neighborhood treasurer, and boy, what a ride it has been!

From the very beginning, our Rotaract club showed me the true meaning of teamwork. We were a bunch of misfits with a common purpose – to make a difference in our community (while having fun, of course). We definitely made an impact! We rallied together to organize fundraisers that left jaws dropping and wallets opening. We were fundraising wizards by turning Valentine game stalls, achcharu stalls, and open mic sessions into veritable shows of generosity.

But it wasn’t just about the money, folks. We were on a mission to spread joy and bring smiles to faces. We became masters of surprise, organizing spontaneous acts of kindness that left people wondering if there was a real-life Santa Claus roaming around town. Whether it was surprising our undergraduate friends with a fun party to release all the academic stress or delivering care packages to pregnant mothers in Polonnaruwa, our club knew how to make hearts flutter with happiness.

Being the treasurer of this incredible club has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. It wasn’t just about managing the finances; it was about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing new challenges. I learned to juggle spreadsheets and budgets with finesse, but I also learned the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

I’ve discovered that being a treasurer is not just about numbers; it’s about building relationships and fostering trust. It’s about being transparent, accountable, and responsible with the resources entrusted to us. Furthermore, it’s about finding joy in the little victories, whether it’s balancing the books or seeing the impact of our fundraising efforts firsthand.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Gethmi and the Exco for supporting me in pulling off all the fundraising projects amidst lectures, assignments, and exams no matter how bizarre the ideas may have been. Special thanks to Kavindi for being my “Finance Guru” and backing me up whenever I was confused. I would also like to thank Udani and Gayuri for their unwavering emotional support throughout my journey as the Treasurer.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Rtr. Wathsunu Jayathilleke, a past Treasurer of Rotaract Club of Kothalawala Defense University, for convincing me to take on this challenge. And to Gevindu Kodikara and Sansali Rajapakse, thank you for your constant support through everything. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have embarked on this journey. To my amma, appachchi, and ayya, I wouldn’t have been able to balance my numbers without your constant support. I also take this opportunity to give my regards to every single Rotaractor and my friends who encouraged me to pursue this challenge.

So, as I pass the treasurer’s torch to Danuji, I know that the Rotaract club will continue to soar to new heights. She has always been the biggest support to me, and I felt confident leaving for lectures in between fundraiser projects if she was there because I knew she would do a great job. Danuji, all the very best with everything! I will always be cheering you on. To my dear Rotaractors, keep being the superheroes you are, keep spreading kindness like confetti, and remember that even the tiniest acts of service can make a world of difference.

With my pockets full of receipts and my calculator bidding farewell, I’m Rtr. Dinithi Athulathmudali signing off as the Junior Treasurer for the Rotaract Year 2022-23!

Rtr. Dinithi Athulathmudali

Junior Treasurer

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