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Month In Review: August

Since the inception of its new administrative board in July, the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts, has sped ahead with a selection of carefully tailored projects. However, with the faculty mid semester examinations that began in August, the implementation of projects with the same pace as before proved to be quite difficult and thereby, the formerly designated projects for the month of August had to be postponed in an attempt to create a stress-free environment for the club members, devoid of any Club related commitments. Despite the lack of new projects, the Rotaract month of August was still very eventful to say the least, with the continuation of two significant projects that were implemented in July…

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Month In Review: July

This July saw the beginning of the new Rotaract year 2021-22, with the newly appointed Avenue Directors initiating a set of well curated projects that complimented an equally energetic and eventful month. And with the transition of the new Board, the excitement and adrenaline within the club reached new levels, as the Rotoractors swiftly began their work for the year. In a context where a global pandemic has largely limited the possibility of public gatherings, workshops and any other attempt at a physical venture, the innovative Directors of Club Service, Community Service and Professional Development Avenues managed to initiate three projects that successfully combatted the constraints that were in place, all the while delivering absolute quality and caliber. Designercovery Enhancing…

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