Get-me! Got-ya!

Get-me! Got-ya!

After several reminders from our co-editors, here I am writing this article with a jitter. Bear with me for the next several hundred words, oh and also 11 months  (hehe).  I was asked to introduce my vision as the President of the club for the year 22/23 and I have decided to take the easy way out. ‘Get-me!’, my pickup up line inspired by my name, because an ‘h’ in the middle of the two words is basically my name and it will be my secret weapon at hand for all kinds of situations (the title makes sense now, right?). It’s time to ‘Get-me’, let’s go! 

First things first, before starting the new chapter we shall look back on the roller coaster of a year that was headed by Anudi akki and Dulari akki. This past year was my first ever Rotaract year and if it wasn’t inspiring, I wouldn’t be sitting at the university canteen typing this. So, to all the outgoing board members who did their best and inspired us, let me raise my cup of Nescafe – CHEERS! On that note, await a series of calls and messages that my comrades and I will be hitting y’all with.  

“Hellooo children…  
So, this group was made to inform you guys the results of the election.  
President Elect 21/22 – Gethmi 
Secretary Elect 21/22 – Tharushika 
Congratulations guys ♥️🥺 
Before we announced to the club and in general, we wanted to let you guys know and I hope that you guys are happy and looking forward to an exciting year ahead. So, Wishing you all the best. 🥺♥️” 

This was the message that our beloved Madam Secretary, Tharushika and I received. Well, happiness came in second as I was hit by a tiny, but potent panic attack. There was a lot of calling and a lot of panicking. Finally, after one week of jumping back and forth, I said yes! The next task was to select those who would be our main source of support, and simultaneously, be annoyed by us the most – the Board for the year 22/23. We thought it will be terrifying, but on their task of ‘Getting-me’, they said YES!  

Moving on to the club overcoming two challenging years, it is evident that the club has been resilient, and the progress being ever increasing. This new Rotaract year calls for new projects and a set of new challenges. Even though these challenges may seem difficult, they won’t be impossible to conquer as RotaractArts has always been one step ahead every time. Irrespective of the hardships we might have to face, the heart of the club will be the same, it will be a haven for anyone who loves to do what they are passionate in and a place where you get what you give (pretty sure most of the readers who have been with the club are nodding right now). As RotaractArts has a set of individuals who do what they do in the best possible way, let us step into the Rotaract year 2022/2023 with the motto ‘Inclusivity, Unity and Community through Service’.  

Here is the task force for the upcoming year:  

  • President – Gethmi Adikari
  • Co-Vice President – Kavindi Gunawardene
  • Co-Vice President – Yohan Soyza
  • Secretary – Tharushika Peelikumbura
  • Co-Vice Secretary – Heshani Dharmapala
  • Co-Vice Secretary – Udani Jayalath
  • Junior Treasurer – Dinithi Athulathmudali
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Ranmali Fernando
  • Co-Editor – Shihara Ferdinando
  • Co-Editor – Tharini Ratwatte
  • Club Service Director –  Hasanjalee Adikari
  • Community Service Director – Buddhimali Parindya
  • International Service Director – Anjalee Wanduragala
  • Professional Development Director –  Sarasi Neranjana
  • Public Relations Director – Sandanilu Amithabandu
  • IT Director –  Oshini Hewawaduge
  • Co-Membership Development Director – Yasal Samarajeewa
  • Co-Membership Development Director – Anuruddhika Nethsarani

Being a team that comprises of a set of individuals who love coming up with fresh ideas, and are consistent and passionate about what they do, we are eagerly waiting to work with every one of you while not compromising on that magical touch of fun. So, let’s all get on board and go get it!

Your 5”1 President, 

Rtr. Gethmi Adikari signing in! 

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Kavindi Gunawardena

Get-me! Got-us! indeed

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Lessgooo Gethami and team!!!!❤

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