Seasons and Friends

Seasons and Friends

Once upon a time, there lived three friends,

Spring, Summer, and Winter.

They were young and spent their time together,

Enjoying every single minute of their lives.

They went to the same university,

And had many friends over there.

There was among them “Autumn”,

That one friend who joined the group newly.

Autumn spent time together with his three friends,

He was happy, calm, and helpful always.

One day Autumn met some new friends,

He went after them and skipped his old buddies.

By the time Autumn noticed one thing,

That he needs his old buddies more than the new ones.

So he decided to disappear for a while,

And reunite with his old buddies.

One day Autumn received a call from Summer,

“Hey buddy what’s up! I want to talk.”

They talked for a while and Summer asked for help,

Autumn agreed without taking a second.

He went back to his old gang,

And helped them to overcome some challenges.

Autumn is that one friend among us,

He may balance any situation.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter,

They need each other more than any other.

Summer warms up the surroundings,

But he gives the expectation of coziness.

Autumn turns the surroundings red,

But he balances the warmth between Summer and Winter.

Winter cooldowns the surroundings,

But he gives a joyful feeling.

Spring starts warming up the surroundings,

But she spreads love with her flowers.

As the story goes on,

I know my Spring, Summer, and Winter.

They were the loyal ones,

Who lifted me when I was about to fall.

This is the story I wanted to tell,

I named it Seasons and Friends.

Rtr. Yohan Soyza

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