The true sense of love…

The true sense of love…

Love is a divine sentiment that ties people together in some kind of a passionate bond. And it is a heart-to-heart conversation and connection that exists among people. The affection, care, fondness, and tenderness combined together can be defined as love. It’s a feeling of strong attachment that almost every creature yearns to have at least once in their lifetime. And this love is even powerful enough to decide a person’s progress or downfall. Hence, love is as sweet, precious, and vibrant as spring violets, and it can even be as bitter as a deathly hemlock. The love is sweet or bitter, as per the circumstances.

People go through and experience different phases of love throughout their lifetime. Everyone learns and develops themselves through the experience of love. Parental love, sibling love, romantic love, spiritual or unconditional love, self-love, and all other sorts of love that are apparent during our lifetime Sometimes the smallest acts of love convey a thousand feelings that you can’t explicitly convert into words. It’s the warmth of a hug, spontaneous laughter, and little compliments that we live for. Love is the sentiment in which someone feels loved, cared for, and protected. And all the materialistic achievements are beyond the spiritual gains of true love. That is why the value of anything material cannot be compared to the influence of the gentle care and affection of a person toward their loved ones.

And it is through mutual understanding and communication that true love is formed with a powerful foundation. It only takes some effort, commitment, and sacrifice to make someone feel loved or be loved. In fact, everyone expects unwavering love from their loved ones, to never give up, and to protect the most important relationships in their lives.

If we consider parental love, there is a huge amount of sacrifice and commitment that parents make for the wellbeing of their child. It is one of the most selfless and endearing forms of love that anyone gets to experience in the initial steps of their lives. A mother nourishes her child in her belly for nine months, regardless of the circumstances and the hardships she has to go through. The role of the father is nothing less, as he commits himself to protecting and taking care of his own flesh and blood with love and care. Ultimately, parents make their children a prime concern in their lives, committing to sacrifice anything for the wellbeing of their child. That much spiritual love is held in their hearts.

Besides, everyone expects a love that never gives up—a love that never leaves you behind through all circumstances of life. For example, we can bring out the unconditional love you receive from your loved ones. As well as the role of parents and a partner, even siblings play a huge role in our lives through ups and downs by sharing all the gleeful and melancholic days to the same extent. They are the closest friends that you get to meet in the initial steps of your life, and they are the ones who are going to stay with you for the rest of your life, sharing all your laughs and tears together. It is through mutual understanding and communication that true love is formed with a powerful foundation. Sharing each other’s ideas and discussing and solving problems together builds a stronger rapport between partners, family members, or siblings. True love is all about understanding the realistic aspects of life and coping with flaws and mistakes. That is what makes a relationship perfect through all its imperfections.

Ultimately, in all these forms of love, self-love becomes the most influential and significant. Because if you don’t love yourself, no other person can love you. It is the love that you give yourself that reflects in your personality. The moment you begin to love yourself through all your flaws and imperfections is the moment you actually start redefining yourself for the best. Because of that, self-love is most important to be loved to make someone feel loved.

Hence, love is a delightful sentiment that is to be cherished throughout one’s life. Love is a powerful sentiment, whose fulfillment can lead to the progress of a person’s life, while its loss can lead to the downfall of a person. That is why love plays an influential role in our lives from childhood to old age in order to attain the pleasure and contentment of life. Where love exists, happiness and consolation exist. Love is the place where someone finds their comfort zone. Therefore, it is the place where someone feels safe and protected. And that is why a person should protect it at all costs—to cherish the love that never leaves you behind!

– Rtr. Sandithi Kalansooriya

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