Day: 3 July 2024

Our Kinda Universe

I have always thought that my life is just a continuation of second options… When I passed the grade five scholarship exam, I never got into the school of my choice - well,my parents’ choice to be exact, for my kid self had no idea what was going on, I never got intothe school my friend and I hope to enroll together after O/Ls. For me, it has always been thesecond option, never the first. So, when I did not get selected for the university that I had alwaysdreamt of enrolling in, it was just another “oh” kind of situation. Nothing to do about that, justthink of what you got not what you lost. It didn’t affect me much and…

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Balancing Act: A Look into My Journey with Rotaract

My journey with the Rotaract Club at the University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts, began in 2022 when I joined as a member. Since then, I've participated in every project, gaining valuable experience and skills. One of my early milestones was working as a co-chair with Jehan, the current president, for the O'Santa Christmas Party. This role taught me many lessons and developed my leadership skills, which helped me become Vice President in 2023. I'd like to take a moment to express my special thanks to Jehan and Gethmi for believing in me. Their support has been a great motivation. As Vice President, I took on many responsibilities, further enhancing my knowledge and leadership skills. My co-vice president, Induwara, has…

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