Day: 6 July 2024


TT’S & BIRDIE’S FATIGUE INDUCED THOUGHTS ON UNI LIFE The 2020ba batch of the Arts faculty here at Colombo University turned out to continue its legacy as the guinea pig batch. For example, we were the first batch to face the renewed A/L syllabus in 2019 and to our misfortune we were the university batch that also had to start our journey at university amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Life has been the personification of Maze Runner with so many trials and tests (LITERALLY!). Nonetheless, life at university has been an eye opener for us twenty-year olds who were getting accustomed from school life to semi-adult life.  Learning how to navigate – both literally (via Google Maps) and figuratively (just emotionally)given that some of…

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Rising to Leadership: Embracing the Responsibility as President

As the second male president in the storied history of Rotaract Arts, I am honored to share my journey with this incredible organization that has profoundly shaped my life and the lives of many others. When I first joined the Rotaract Club, I was filled with excitement and a desire to make a difference. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to a transformative journey filled with challenges, growth, and unforgettable memories. In my early days as a member, I quickly learned that Rotaract was more than just a club—it was a family. I was surrounded by passionate, driven individuals who were committed to serving the community and fostering personal and professional growth. This supportive environment encouraged…

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