Day: 7 July 2024

My World in this Universe

I prefer to start this article by saying that university was something I never expected to be a part of my life. As a kid, it was unachievable because I was never a big shot in academics. It seemed way too elusive and unreachable for someone who lacks a proper aim in life and who lacks dedication. But time made me realize that my life is full of surprises, some serious ones I mean and getting selected to Colombo actually proved it. I was surprised by my own self and spent hours thinking, was it a mistake?. Well, i don't think my one year experience at uni is enough to answer that question because, to put it simply, it's like…

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Month in Review: April & May

Hey everyone! Remember us? The folks who usually bring you the hottest updates from Rotaract Arts? Well, today we bring a double dose of it, but not-so-hot updates. April, thanks to end-of-semester exams, was not a very busy month for our club. And in May, the strike by the non-academic staff hit! We, like everyone else, naively thought it'd be over in a flash, and we couldn't have been more wrong. With more exams and uncertainty around the strike, we were holding off publishing. Now, given that it has been going on for more than two months, we decided to publish the MIR. Better late than never, right? Since this is the last update from your trusty MIR writing team,…

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