About Love

About Love

Love is diverse. If we think from the beginning, our lives start with our mother’s love. We are bound first by the love of our parents and siblings. I am not about to talk about that love, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it. This is about the love that can create a heart illusion at the first sight of someone you have never met before. My effort is to tell you how to love someone the way I feel. Love knows no bounds, whether it is owned or not. But the love of those who love without trying to gain it is amazing. Simply put, before saying I love you, you must have an idea of the word love. According to me, love is a limitless feeling. A bond of pure souls. A collision with pain. An unbreakable law that avoids evasions. So, love that person with all your heart. Feel every movement of that person, for it is sure to amaze your heart. A person who is deeply connected to your heart can always see that feeling in his or her eyes. Definitely, there are bright eyes. The whole heart is filled with a big sigh of relief, and it feels like holding on to it. A smile can give you the feeling of a warm hug. Yes, it is a sense of love. Will there be love between the pages of a law book? No, it will never be. Even when holding your hands tightly, even in silence, and if your heart is filled with love, remember, don’t lose that person. In the end, true love can never be expressed with words. Try to live honestly as much as you can if you want to get amazing love one day.

– Rtr. Eshani Buddhika Perera

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Love is the warmth in our hearts, the bond that binds us and the source of endless compassion. Sometimes in a world full of challenges, love is a beacon of hope, a reminder…

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