Month In Review: April

Month In Review: April

Ladies and Gentlemen, unlike the previous months, the busy New Year month of April managed to lure the Rotaractors away from the club momentarily. Regardless, the passionate members of the club managed to finish an entire project, while also contributing their efforts to the continuation of 7 important projects, despite the festivities. 

Seoul 2 Tokyo

Seoul 2 Tokyo was a Club Service project that was based on Korean Pop, Korean Drama, Anime, and Manga, combining key cultural elements from South Korea and Japan. It was launched in the form of an online elimination competition, with 3 rounds. The first round required the participants to answer 30 MCQ questions based on a video they were shown, which focused on the culture of the two respective locales. 8 teams who scored the highest, were then taken over to the second round, where they were separated into break-out rooms on Zoom. The teams were given questions formulated by the organizing committee, which they had to answer within the given time period. The winning teams were taken into the final round, which was an escape room, where they had to figure out two keywords – one Korean and one Japanese, and the winners were then awarded vouchers from the project’s sponsors – a voucher worth Rs. 4000/= from Tsukiji Uoichi, and another worth Rs. 2000/= from K-Pop Land.  

The project was chaired by our Assistant Secretary Rtr Githmi Koralage, and aimed to achieve the main objective of providing a platform for all K-Pop, K-Drama, Anime, and Manga fans to bond and enjoy themselves through friendly competition.   

Ongoing Projects

  • ‘Enigma’ by the Editorial (Registered under Club Service) 
  • ‘The SDG Roundtable’ by the Editorial (Registered under Community Service) 
  • ‘Forspoken’ by the Editorial (Registered under Club Service) 
  • ‘Speak Out’ by Professional Development 
  • ‘Kuppiya ’21’ by International Service 
  • ‘Let’s Talk Periods’ by Community Service 
  • ‘Sustainability Summit 2022’ by Professional Development

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