Rising through the Ranks: Personal Growth and Learning

Rising through the Ranks: Personal Growth and Learning

Labor Omnia Vincit

Hard work conquers all.

“Here comes the man of the match. Well done, Induwara.” Oshini Akka, the former club service director, said this in the middle of the ‘Baila Night’ in March 2023.

A long time ago, at the start of 2022, SLAM was the first event I participated in under the wave of Rotaract. That day, Abheetha, Savini, Ranosha, and I were the first members to participate in the Rotaract event. Tharushika Akka was the first one I met from the executive board at that time. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea what SLAM was. The only thing I knew was that it was a group activity or something along those lines. LOL.

The Fresher’s Championships members and Rotaract members were close, always chatting and chilling. Meet them: Mr. Google, Abheetha; our mom, Baagya; The Jokers, Me and Isiwara; 24/7 Party Girl, Savini; Medusa, Dhanuji; Mal Pani, Jehan; Sweet Heart, Lihini; XXL, Hiruni; and Peanut, Nirodha.

The first Rotaract project I chaired was O’Spooky. It was the first step of my Rotaract leadership, working as co-chair with smart chairperson Baagya. Even though it was a small, first-time event, it successfully ended. I remember how Oshini Akka yelled at me at one point while organizing the event, and she remains the first and only person to do so at Rotaract. But we all love Oshini, and I look back on it fondly. In the first year, we completed many projects both online and on site. Owing to the success of the O-Santa event, I was named Rotractor of the Month, which was another notable step in my journey.

I had a chance to go beyond the club and gain more exposure by organizing Baila Night. It was the first project with the Cinnamon Garden Rotaract Club after a few years. Baila Night was a milestone for my work as a chairperson. Amandi, Abheetha, and Jehan helped me many times in this role. I wanted to make it an iconic and amazing project in the Rotaract Chronicle.

After all these fabulous projects, I was suggested for the Vice President position. And I asked myself, why should I give up this chance? With thousands of aspirations, I became the Vice President and Sports and Recreational Avenue Director for 2023–24 in the Rotaract Club of the University of Colombo Faculty of Arts.

Hiruni, my co-vice President, always supported me. Jehan, our president too, always supported me, and if there was any problem, I was there to help him. The backbone of the club is Baagya. Her duty was not limited to paperwork. Treasurer Dhanuji’s financial strategy was also definitely paramount. I saw Lihini and Nirodha help Baagya every time with paperwork and organizing meetings. Abheetha is the kind of man who speaks straight, and he did the Sargeant at Arms role perfectly. Co-editors Sajani and Kusali’s literature and language skills are something I have never seen before. Savini and Hasini always made us happy by organizing events and parties. Amandi and Manthini always needed to do amazing and massive projects. Sandamini had some cool professional skills to share with the upcoming board. Thusini and Ranosha wanted to do something different for the club by building overseas relationships. Sayuri and Raziya did the public relations job even at the last minute. Both Harshi and Charitha wanted to do some different projects on university premises. Lochana and Buddhi did quality projects as a new avenue for the club.

Participating in the Rotaract district assembly with Kavindi Akka and Gethmi Akka is a special memory for me. Their guidance has always motivated us. Special thanks go to Yohan Ayya, Dinithi Akka, and Shihara Akka for improving our leadership qualities. I also would like to thank my parents for their support. They always gave me unlimited freedom to engage in Rotaract activities. Also, I must be thankful for my red car because it was always with me in my Rotaract life. It was very useful for many travel activities.

I came, I saw, I learned, and I grew with Rotaract. It was an amazing year, but it’s hard to say goodbye. We know our efforts were absolutely phenomenal and immeasurable. No matter how many problems there are, we are still together today. Remember the year 2023–24 Rotaract at the Club of Faculty of Arts! To my Rotaract fellows, thank you all one last time!

Signing off,

Rtr. Induwara Siriwardhane

Vice President and Sports and Recreational Avenue Director (2023-24)

The world needs more Rotaractors.

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