Those Red Stuff!

Those Red Stuff!

Tucked away behind a wall full of thoughts and whatever you call those, is the most crowded place of the entire Colombo university between 12-1 pm, the Arts canteen. You might have to navigate your way through many turns and confusions if you are from another faculty, but it is worth the hunt.

If you ever see me crying in the university canteen….don’t gasp, it is just the lunu miris that you get with the roti.

If you guys haven’t tried it yet, I’d say, “What have you been doing with your life?”.

The whole roti eating scenario has slowly become an evening habit for myself and the co. Usually, it is a spoonful (sometimes can be a little less depending on who serves – of course you can ask for more) of that flaming red hot lunu miris, on an approximately 7cm diameter roti. The best way you can eat this is; if it is one roti, break it into half and spread the lunu miris in between or if it’s two, you have a roti sandwich.

I know that you guys may think, “Why not drink something to give those taste buds a break?”, right? Of course we do that, but it just gets worse. Instead of a nice cool chocolate milk we have a piping hot ginger tea. Why not a little Sri Lankan touch, right? It does the job, but after a brief moment of spice climax.

But the question is, “Is this going to stop us from having it?” Ah! Of course not!

Rtr. Gethmi Adikari

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