Thriving Together: Growing our Rotaract Family

Thriving Together: Growing our Rotaract Family

As Directors of Membership Development Avenue of the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, we reflect with great pride on a very successful year with the dedication and participation of our members. In our efforts, the Rotaract Club has done a great job of promoting membership and contributing to the development of their abilities. This year, we primarily contributed by directing the members toward more opportunities in other avenues and by promoting the “Ambalame Thala” initiative, which is an evening of songs that was a huge success.

At the beginning of the year, we played a unique role in bringing new members to the Rotaract society. We worked to educate the new students online for the promotion of the Rotaract Society of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Colombo, gather their information, and provide membership. Additionally, we organized orientation for prospective members, the purpose of which was to make them aware of our Rotaract society. By doing it with great success, we were able to gather a large number of members for the club. 

Undaunted, we continued to work with the members we appointed to look into their problems. In contrast, in the promotion of projects, educating people who demand membership was being done to enroll them in society. We also actively supported other avenues’ projects, promoting them within our membership and creating a collaborative environment. In that sense, our avenue has contributed to many projects on the other avenues of our club. 

The Professional Development Avenue spearheaded the “Ambalame Thala” program. “Ambalame Thala” is a musical program organized during the Rotaract year with the aim of promoting music and enjoyment at the university while also popularizing the Rotaract Club in the university community. The program was revamped compared to the previous year, with new members at the Ambalama premises, a beautiful place in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Colombo. This program has now solidified itself as a highlight in our faculty’s culture. Therefore, its popularity was very important to our society. In this program, we provided a platform for our members to showcase their creativity, musical talent, leadership skills, and audience engagement. A shout-out goes to our members who created creative decorations, presentations, posts, videos, and even took photos showcasing their imagination and creativity.

Looking at these things, one thing that can be pointed out is how we played a key role as the Membership Development Avenue to do important service in the club. We reached out to new students, promoting the club and its opportunities, and then supporting them in their activities. Going beyond that, we contributed to other avenues’ programs and connected members who were best suited to promote them. In addition, with the music evening of “Ambalame Thala,” one of our key programs, we promoted our Rotaract Club and contributed to the development of the diverse abilities of our members. Finally, we would like to thank the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and our Vice President who assisted us, as well as the other directors who worked with us. We would also like to thank our members who were with us and everyone who was involved with our project. We would also like to congratulate our new chairman, secretary, treasurer, vice president, and other directors who have been appointed for the coming year. 

Rtr. Charitha Ranathunga and Rtr. Harshi Bandara

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