Month: June 2023

As is a tale, So is life

It's been two years since my duties as the Assistant Secretary started and I already feel nostalgic at the thought of seeing myself letting go of all those responsibilities. But let me put the feats of my Rotaract journey through the wise words of Lucius Seneca: “As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters”. Quantitatively it was a very short period of two years, yet it seems like more if you take the quality it added into my life, because of the experiences I was exposed to. My years at the Rotaract  Club and the many events I was lucky enough to participate in taught me many more…

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The Kaleidoscope

There’s a good chance that this article will end up being a bit all over the place, but it’ll all make sense in the end. I believe this would also reflect what the Rotaract year has looked for me; a bit of a kaleidoscope, messy and all over the place, but in its own way, a cohesive pattern that worked out well. I suppose I ought to start off at the very beginning, my introduction to Rotaract and initial enthusiasm was during the first year when I’d hoped that Rotaract would be an outlet to find likeminded people and hopefully make some friends, despite the constraints of online learning. Ironically however my interest was directed toward an avenue where one…

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‘Crosswords’ by the Editorial: When in Ceylon

For this week’s puzzle all you need is to just tap in to your inner Sri Lankan. Grab a pencil and solve away. Across 4.A place known for its intricate woodwork, and the wood itself was sourced from an abandoned royal audience hall 5.The place of pineapples 6.Tallest self supported structure in South Asia’s 7.One of the peaks of the Hanthana mountain range 10.South Asia’s best natural harbour 12. The place where a son betrayed his father Down 1.The Bridge on the River Kwai 2.An ancient natural landscape named after a monk 3.The Buddha is said to have visited this place 9 months after he was enlightened 8.Baby elephants are in abundance here 9.6th century Christian cross found in Anuradhapura…

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